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Good Vibrations: Critical Mass Systems Center Stage Footers

The vibrations of music can increase your energy levels and lift your mood, however, vibrations from loudspeakers and other external sources can have a negative effect on audio components, preventing them from performing at their highest level. To help prevent the impact of vibrations on our HiFi systems and ensure that we only hear the ‘good vibrations’ coming from our speakers, we can use vibration isolating footers for our HiFi components.

Center Stage Footers

Footers have been in use for a long time now and all such devices make a difference in isolating external vibrations from reaching audio components, however, no footer has made quite the difference as the game changing Critical Mass Centre Stage footer.

Critical Mass Systems (CMS) are widely known as the very best audio equipment racks available, able to completely re-define what was believed to be possible from a HiFi support and isolation device. The Center Stage footer is yet another product designed to work with racking systems to cut out vibration and ensure the clearest, highest quality sound that a music system can achieve.

Center Stage FootersThere are so many sources that could be affecting the sound created by your HiFi by infiltrating sound components. For example, if you are using loudspeakers at any volume, this will of course create vibrations that feed back into your HiFi through the floor. If you are listening to music at a high volume, the vibrations will be bigger and as a result, sound will be affected to a larger extent.

In addition to speakers, your own footsteps create vibrations as you pace around reading the sleeve of the LP you are playing, or as you tap your foot along to the music. Any sort of air conditioning or heating systems create vibrations as they expel air. As nearby traffic passes, or an airplane flies overhead, again, these elements create vibrations that negatively affect your HiFi.

It can certainly be argued that any vibration isolating footer helps to ensure cleaner sound, however, less effective footers merely serve to shift the resonance of external vibrations to a different frequency, or in some cases, amplify the vibrations. As a result, the sound created by your HiFi system will be unable to achieve it’s intended clarity. Outside vibrations contaminate the sound and add a certain murkiness.

What makes Critical Mass Center Stage Footers so special?

It’s quite simple – Center Stage footers can make any system sound better, no matter what the specification. However, it goes without saying, the better the HiFi system, the better the results. Center Stage are designed to be beneficial across the entire audio spectrum, rather than only being effective across higher, mid or low frequencies. No matter what external vibrations are in the room of your HiFi and racking system, footers keep the intended sound of your music system at “center stage”.

Center Stage footers are available in three versions – 0.8, 1.0 and 1.5, all designed for use under different components.

For more information on the benefits and performance of Critical Mass Systems Center Stage footers, please click here, feel free to contact us, or visit our showroom at No 9 Brook Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1EB.