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Belden 8402 Audiophile Interconnect Cable for DIY

£10.00 £8.00
  • Sold per metre off the reel
  • Legendary Belden quality
  • RCA or XLR plugs sold seperate
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Benz Micro LP-S MC Cartridge

  • One of the best cartridges you can buy
  • Includes £300 of Free Vinyl
  • Any vinyl title off the MCRU website can be included
  • No other offers apply or can be used
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Black Rhodium Concerto Classic Stereo Interconnects – 1/2 Price

£583.33 £291.67
  • Special offer 3 x 1 metre pairs to clear
  • DCT treated
  • No other offers apply
  • Now 1/2 price
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Black Rhodium Encore Loudspeaker Cables – 3 Metre Stereo Pair

£500.00 £250.00
  • MCRU special offer
  • 3 pairs to clear now 1/2 price
  • No other offers apply
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Black Rhodium Foxtrot Loudspeaker Cable – 3 Metre Pair – 1/2 Price

£275.00 £137.50
Applying the Exclusive Design Features of the Black Rhodium's Most Advanced Loudspeaker cables Black Rhodium Announces The Launch Of The Foxtrot and Quickstep Loudspeaker Cables.
The design of the new Black Rhodium FOXTROT loudspeaker cables was inspired by Black Rhodium dealer's comment on the new Black Rhodium Thunder loudspeaker cable.
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Black Rhodium Libra EU Mains Power Lead MCRU SE

£80.00 £40.00
  • Special Edition Libra
  • MCRU internal filters
  • Silver plated connectors
  • EU Schuko plug 
  • 1.2 metres long
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Black Rhodium Locking Banana Plugs Rhodium Plated

£266.67 £166.67
  • Quality Speaker Plugs
  • Lock in Place
  • Sold in SETS OF 8
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Black Rhodium Polka Classic Loudspeaker Cables Offer 1/2 Price

£1,333.33 £666.67
  • Special offer 1 x 3 metre pair to clear
  • Factory terminated connectors
  • GN-1 rhodium plated plugs
  • No other offers apply
  • Was £1600 now £800
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Black Rhodium Quickstep Loudspeaker Cable – 3m Pair New – Was £600 – Now £300

£500.00 £250.00
Black Rhodiums new Quickstep loudspeaker cables do all the right things.
They allow you to hear the music with no colourations and just get out of the way of the signal.
Was £600 - Now £300
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Black Rhodium Solo Dct++ Cs Speaker Cables – 3mtr Pair New – 50% Off

£750.00 £375.00
This speaker cable embodies Black Rhodium's pioneering spirit with its cryogenically processed design. This cable is the first to showcase the brand's exclusive Crystal Sound process.
WAS £900 NOW ONLY £450
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Black Rhodium Waltz Loudspeaker Cables – 3 Metre Pair – 50% Off Now Only £400

£666.67 £333.33
Waltz loudspeaker cable is hand built in Black Rhodium's factory in a special construction developed by Black Rhodium.
Waltz starts with the outstanding design of Quickstep and applies tightly braided electric field screening so as to reduce the effects of radio frequency interference. The resultant sound quality becomes much clearer with much greater dynamics.
Waltz is fitted with Graham Nalty rhodium plated GN-1 Straight Line Contact plugs.
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Blood, Sweat and Tears – Blood, Sweat and Tears – Mofi Ultradisc 180g 45RPM 2LP Box Set

£150.00 £108.33


Very Limited Availability

Don't call it a comeback. Not only did Blood, Sweat & Tears' eponymous album establish new precedents for musical fusion and record production upon release in late 1968, the quadruple-platinum set marked a new commercial beginning for a cross-cultural group nearly decimated months earlier when its prominent co-founder, Al Kooper, departed along with two other members. The resultant sophomore effort simply went on to top the charts for seven straight weeks, earn the Grammy Award for Album of the Year, spawn three successive Top 5 singles, and land the group a headlining slot at Woodstock. No wonder its reputation remains golden among listeners, particularly audiophiles, which have never experienced the hybrid fare in more vibrant fashion than on this collectible reissue.
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