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  • The very best computer audio server/ripper
  • Combine with CAD 1543 DAC
  • On demonstration at MCRU
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CAD GC-R Ground Control

The Ground Control contains a mixture of materials that converts high frequency energy into heat. Our research has found that to achieve the best sound quality the GC1, GC3 & GC-R needed to be effective over a large frequency range. This was not easy to accomplish! The CAD Ground Controls will substantially reduce noise from very high KHz range up to over 10 GHz.
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CAD GC1 + GC3 Ground Control

  • Scott's white paper here
  • The Ear GC-1 review here
  • The Ear GC-3 review here
  • HiFi+ review here
  • Stereotimes GC-1 review here
  • The Audio Beat GC-1 & GC-3 review here
  • The Audiohileman's GC-1 & GC-3 review
  • GC1 includes 1 cable
  • GC3 includes 2 cables
  • If you are outside the UK please contact MCRU before purchasing any CAD product
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We think this is the best USB cable on the planet.
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Ex-Dem CAD 1543 MKII DAC

£8,950.00 £6,000.00
•One unit ex-dem with all packaging and full warranty
  • 5 independent transformers feeding 5 fully discrete linear voltage regulators for the cleanest power to each modular section of the unit. •Custom 10 mm acrylic case selected for superior acoustic properties. •NEW: additional internal EMI/RFI materials to lower electromagnetic interference noise floor. •NEW: redesigned mains power conditioning to reduce ingress and egress of mains-borne noise. •Sixteen Philips TDA1543/N2 resistor-ladder chips. •Filterless NOS design for unparalleled time-domain replay accuracy. •NEW: custom four-layer PCB to support DAC chips. •Passive output stage with Duelund Coherent Audio capacitors and selected US-made audio resistors all made to CAD specifications. •NEW: internal signal wiring upgraded to custom UP-OCC copper. •The 1543 MKII DAC is made in a modular fashion to make future upgrades possible ensuring your investment will last a lifetime.
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