Vinyl is dead, long live vinyl! The basic principles of turntable construction have remained roughly the same since the arrival of the Garrard 301 and 401 in the 1960s. Idler-drive, belt-drive or direct-drive, all have a place in the modern hi-fi system: but what has changed fundamentally is the turntable mat. From a simple piece of commercial rubber or felt on the earliest decks we now have the latest innovation, the Oyaide MJ-12. Manufactured from Aluminium, to own it is to love it; a stunning piece of audiophile engineering. And partnered with the complementary STB-MS weight, the results are even more impressive.

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Acoustical Systems HELOX Reflex Record Clamp

The HELOX reflex record clamp - creating an unique contact between record and platter surface. Providing a sonically outstanding step forward with ANY turntable. High contact pressure combined with the all-new concept of a liquid dampening clamp
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Blue Horizon Record Mat

£65.00 £58.50
A great product at a realistic price-point, it needs to be heard to be believed.
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Collaro Audio ‘The Mercury’ Transcription Turntable Weight

Handmade in England and of a medium mass design it weighs little more than two 180g LPs so will not cause undue wear on the platter bearing. The body is machined from high grade aluminium and will not have a magnetic effect on MM or MC cartridges.
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Collaro Audio Centenary Precision Turntable Mat

Introducing the Centenary Precision Mat. This is a strictly limited production item of 100 units to commemorate 100 years of the Collaro brand. We had to do something to mark the occasion! They are only available through our stockists, and not from the Collaro website. This is to encourage people to support their hi-fi dealers. It’s our way of thanking our stockists for the support they’ve given us over the last few months. As mentioned, there are only 100 units, so not all stockists will be able to carry them. Physically the mat is made with a reconfigured manufacturing process which will also benefit the maroon mat and it’s up to you to decide which version you prefer. Go into your local stockist and listen to what the Collaro Mats can do!
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Collaro Audio Precision Turntable Mat

The Collaro Audio Precision Turntable Mat provides a precise support of the record on the platter whilst protecting the groove from damage that can be sustained using a hard surface such as glass or metal.
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Collaro Audio Tempest Precision Turntable Mat

  • New design for Garrards and Lencos
  • Surface treated heavy cloth
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Funk Firm Achromat Turntable Mat

Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • The mat by which all others are judged
  • 10 years old and still No.1
  • 3mm, 5mm + technics version
  • Also fits Garrard 401/301
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Funk Firm Spin Bearing and Strata Platter for Technics SL1200

Here’s the problem:
To create a stable, wide diameter support for the record, that doesn’t move. Conventionally platters have either thickness or a sizeable edge. The trouble is the standard 1200 / 1210 series platters lack both! We are effectively left with a disc, severe ringing is the natural consequence. (For proof we need only examine the original metal offering: Place a finger through a hole, tap it gently and “feel” the edge. The all too familiar uncontrolled, vibrating “Klong” confirms the problem: The edge is moving.) One can try changing material: Glass…ceramics…plastics. In all cases, tap the edge and you can still actually feel movement. …And if you can feel it, the stylus can read it. It turns out that this is in fact a difficult problem to solve.
A creative solution was needed:
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Furutech Monza LP Stabilizer

The Monza LP Stabilizer Pure Transmission Technology for Your Valued Vinyl
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Harmonix TU-812MX “Million” Maestro Analog Record Clamp

  • Possibly the best LP clamp
  • Extracts un-told detail
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HEXMAT Phono Record Isolator

Enhance your experience with HEXMAT Phono Record Isolator
Main features:
• 15 contact points on each side • Perfect grip with other platter surfaces • Enhanced dynamics • Cleaner transients • Sonic Improvement • Full torque transfer • Anti-static feature • Compatible with most of the turntables • Designed to be compatible with clamps and weights
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I-Qual Vacuum Disc Mate IQ1300A

  • No more wobbly records
  • Vacuum stabilizer
  • Operational video here.
  • More information and manual here.
  • Review here. 
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