We only stock speaker cables that we believe give the best value for money. These come from renowned manufacturers like Black Rhodium, Oyaide, Tellurium Q and Supra, and include our own ‘Ultimate’ loudspeaker cables. All cables can be terminated with connectors of your choice, or simply cut off the reel and sent with bare ends. No job is too big or too small, and prices start from just £4.00 per metre; so please do contact us if you have a specific requirement. ALL our speaker cables (apart from ones sent direct from manufacturers for home demonstration) are FULLY burnt-in prior to dispatch, at no extra charge, using our Nordost Vidar cable burn-in machine.

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Acrolink 7N-S8000 Anniversario Loudspeaker Cables

  • Conductor:  7N Cu D.U.C.C Stressfree 0.37mm x 50strands x 2 cores)
  • Insulation: PTFE Teflon tape + Polyethylene resin
  • 1st Sleeve: Hybrid polyolefin (with tungsten & amorphous powder)
  • Shielding: Noise Beat Tape + Copper clad mylar tape
  • 2nd Sleeve: High molecule polyolefin
  • Outer Shielding: UEW braided wire
Outer Sleeve: UV resistant Polyurethane
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Black Rhodium Athena DCT++ Speaker Cables

New design high end speaker cable from Black Rhodium, utilizing 30+ years of cable designing experience, Graham Nalty has produced a new high end design to compete with the best cables regardless of price. Demo sets available on request.
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Black Rhodium Charleston DCT++ CS Loudspeaker Cables

Available in 3 metre or 5 metre pairs
Charleston loudspeaker cable has been created to play music, and to play music very well. Charleston will eliminate all those unpleasant sounds you hear when playing music that distract from your total enjoyment.
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Black Rhodium Concerto Rca Stereo Interconnect – 1 Metre Pair – 1/2 price

£437.50 £218.75
CONCERTO is a new stereo interconnect cable designed to achieve high sound quality by using the latest Black Rhodium high end cable technology.
CONCERTO is hand built at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby by employing advanced design techniques developed by Black Rhodium for use in its most expensive products.
50% off brand new boxed 
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Black Rhodium Duet DCT++ CS Loudspeaker Cables

Sold as a 3metre stereo pair, please enquire for longer or shorter lengths and bi-wire version.
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Black Rhodium Encore Loudspeaker Cables – 3 Metre Stereo Pair

£500.00 £250.00
  • MCRU special offer
  • 3 pairs to clear now 1/2 price
  • No other offers apply
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Black Rhodium Foxtrot Loudspeaker Cable – 3 Metre Pair – 1/2 Price

£275.00 £137.50
Applying the Exclusive Design Features of the Black Rhodium's Most Advanced Loudspeaker cables Black Rhodium Announces The Launch Of The Foxtrot and Quickstep Loudspeaker Cables.
The design of the new Black Rhodium FOXTROT loudspeaker cables was inspired by Black Rhodium dealer's comment on the new Black Rhodium Thunder loudspeaker cable.
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Black Rhodium Jive Bi-Wire Speaker Cable, per metre

Great value for money, this is one of Black Rhodium’s most popular cables. All you need to do is choose your preferred termination.
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Black Rhodium Jive Speaker Cable Terminated Pair

£110.83 £62.50
  • 1 pair to clear
  • 1.8 mtr pair
  • Factory terminated
  • Gold plated zplugs
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Black Rhodium Polka Classic Loudspeaker Cables Offer 1/2 Price

£1,333.33 £666.67
  • Special offer 1 x 3 metre pair to clear
  • Factory terminated connectors
  • GN-1 rhodium plated plugs
  • No other offers apply
  • Was £1600 now £800
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Black Rhodium Quickstep Loudspeaker Cable – 3m Pair New – Was £600 – Now £300

£500.00 £250.00
Black Rhodiums new Quickstep loudspeaker cables do all the right things.
They allow you to hear the music with no colourations and just get out of the way of the signal.
Was £600 - Now £300
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Black Rhodium Second Note Subwoofer Cable – Now Half Price

Black Rhodium Second Note Subwoofer Cable - RCA 3m - WAS £100 NOW ONLY £50 (QTY: 1)
Black Rhodium Second Note Subwoofer Cable - RCA 5m - WAS £150 NOW ONLY £75 (QTY: 1)
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