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Ex-Dem Gutwire Perfect Ground Cable RCA

£399.00 £300.00
  • One piece to clear as new, UK plug to RCA
  • Conductors: Multi-Strand High Purity Oxygen Free Copper
  • Conductor Gauge: 14 AWG X 4
  • Insulation: PVC
  • AC Connector: Leviton, Schuko or UK1363
  • Connector: RCA, Clip, Spade, XLR, 3.5mm or Coaxial
  • Extensive use of natural minerals: Binchō-tan
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Linear Power Supply for Sonos Port

  • Award winning design
  • 12V DC output
  • Plug and play
  • Please note the Sonos Port is not included

Available Upgrades

OPTION ONE – Standard Model – Basic mains lead £235
OPTION TWO Kimber DC Kable, Furutech Gold plated IEC inlet, AMR Gold plated fuse, Supra Lorad mains lead to suit your country  £335
OPTION THREE Pure Silver DC Cable, Furutech Rhodium plated IEC inlet, SR Orange fuse, MCRU No. 75 mains lead to suit your country £595
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Jethro Tull – Aqualung 200g 45RPM 2 LP Analogue Productions UHQR Vinyl

  • The pinnacle of high-quality vinyl — the Ultra High Quality Record (UHQR®) from Analogue Productions!
  • Definitive handmade limited run reissue of Jethro Tull's classic Aqualung
  • Remastered by Chris Bellman from the original master tapes
  • Stereo double LP release limited to 5,000 gold foil numbered copies
  • Pressed at Quality Record Pressings using Clarity Vinyl on a manual Finebilt press
  • Purest possible pressing and most visually stunning presentation and packaging!
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IsoAcoustics zaZen Isolation Platform

Composed from dense, void-less fibre and coupled with IsoAcoustics' patented isolating foot attachments, the zaZen is an isolation platform designed for use with turntables, tube amplifiers and other sensitive HiFi components. zaZen is available in two sizes with alternative weight capacities. zaZen I measures a thickness of 38mm and holds up to 11.3kg of weight, while the zaZen II measures in at 44mm boasting a bulkier 18.1kg of maximum capacity. The zaZen platform’s mass married with its integrated isolation technology serve to remove interference from structure-born vibration, allowing the operating HiFi component to perform at its very best and reveal new levels of acoustic clarity and detail. Each zaZen isolation platform is finished in elegant black gloss to match neutrally with a wide variety of turntable and HiFi component aesthetics.
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Neotech NEP-3160 Mains Spur Cable

  • UP-OCC copper
  • Neotech’s best mains spur cable
  • Sold in 1 mtr increments
Please be aware this cable is very stiff.
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AMG Viella Forte Turntable

“As with the original Viella, the V12, the AMG Viella Forte, with or without the 12JT tonearm, is among the best values in high-performance, “top shelf” turntables. It competes well in terms of sonic performance and build quality with similar products, including some priced far higher.“ – Michael Fremer, Stereophile Magazine
Price includes 12J2T Tone Arm
Analog Manufaktur Germany’s Viella Forte turntable, introduced in 2019, is the “super” version of our Viella turntable. The AMG design team focused on mass, rigidity, and refinement to create the Forte, resulting in increased macro-dynamics, more inner detail, larger-scaled presentation, and greater effortlessness.
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Black Rhodium Oratorio DCT++ CS Digital Cable Offer

£1,000.00 £600.00
  • One only to clear 1 metre
  • No other offers apply
  • Product details HERE
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Black Rhodium Stream SE Mains Power Lead Offer

£550.00 £300.00
  • One only to clear 1.7 mtr
  • SE version with silver plated plugs.
  • No other offers apply
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Black Rhodium Opera DCT ++ CS XLR Cables Offer

£750.00 £420.00
  • One metre pair to clear
  • Pure silver conductors
  • XLR version
  • No other offers apply
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Black Rhodium Oratorio Interconnects Offer

£2,400.00 £1,500.00
  • One pair to clear 2 metres
  • No other offers apply
  • Product details HERE
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Black Rhodium Overture Interconnects Clearance

£1,500.00 £1,000.00
  • Special offer to clear
  • 1 x 1.5 metre pair
  • Product info here
  • No other offers apply
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Black Rhodium Overture Interconnects Offer

£1,200.00 £800.00
  • Special offer to clear
  • 2 x 1 metre pairs
  • £1200 per pair retail
  • Product info here
  • No other offers apply
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Black Rhodium Concerto Classic Stereo Interconnects – 1 Mtr Pair

£700.00 £400.00
  • Special offer 1 x 1 metre pair to clear
  • DCT treated
  • No other offers apply
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Black Rhodium Phantom DCT++ CS RCA Cables Offer

£600.00 £360.00
  • Special offer 2 x 0.95 mtr pairs to clear
  • GN-3 gold plated RCA's
  • Cryo treated
  • No other offers apply
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Black Rhodium Polka Classic Loudspeaker Cables Offer

£1,600.00 £799.99
  • Special offer 1 x 3 metre pair to clear
  • Factory terminated connectors
  • GN-1 rhodium plated plugs
  • No other offers apply
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Black Rhodium Thunder DCT+++ CS Speaker Cables Offer

£3,600.00 £1,800.00
  • Special offer 1 x 1 metre pair to clear
  • Black Rhodium's high end cable
  • Factory terminated
  • No other offers apply
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The products every hi-fi enthusiast and Audiophile should own.
  • Cable Off The Reel

Black Ravioli Black Hole Signal Modules

Single unit hard wired for vertical or horizontal application close to equipment. USB A, RCA, 6mm Spade, 4mm plug with 320mm lead or HDMI with 800mm lead. Eflos Capacity Rating: 1 Dimensions: 114x55x55mm Weight: 0.4kg Made in Scotland
For an overview of what the Black Hole Concept can achieve: click here
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Critical Mass Systems Center Stage2 Footers

  • CMS (Critical Mass Systems) are widely regarded as the "best" equipment racks available. These are the Rolls Royce of equipment supports. Extremely effective and a must audition product. Able to re-define what was thought possible from a hifi support/isolation device. This is why companies like Soulution fit them under their equipment as standard.
  • Review here 
  • The footers are priced EACH
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Furutech NCF Booster – MCRU Special Offer

  • MCRU special offer
  • Buy 5 get 1 free
  • Add 5 to basket you will get 6
  • Only while stocks last
  • No other offers apply
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MCRU £10 DIY Mains Lead Set

Rated 4.00 out of 5
  • German cable with 2.5mm sq conductors
  • UK mains plug silver plated fuse
  • German IEC connector
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MCRU No.1 DIY Mains Lead Set

MCRU No.1 DIY Mains Lead Set

Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Lapp Olflex Classic 2.5mm Cable
  • Silver Plated MCRU Ref. IEC
  • Silver Plated MK Toughplug
  • Silver Plated Crimp Sleeves
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MCRU Ref. IEC + Mains Plug Set

  • Silver plated throughout
  • Plug includes 13A fuse
  • Just add cable
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Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cables

Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Black II now available
Standard Length: 1 Metre Stereo Pair
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The MCRU Ultimate Mains Lead DIY Termination Kit

This set consists of what we consider the very best termination kit for your power lead, whether making a new power lead or re-terminating your existing cable this combination will bring out the very best performance.
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We only sell the best audiophile quality vinyl pressings, mastered from the original analogue tapes with the emphasis on sound quality.


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