MCRU are not just about “cables” as we represent some of the world’s best brands of hifi equipment. You won’t find the popular mainstream manufacturers here. We pride ourselves on only stocking the best sounding equipment even if it means you have never heard of them! Let your ears decide is out motto. Please call to arrange a demonstration at our premises, or in your own home.

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Acoustic Masterpiece AM-201H Amplifier

£3,150.00 £2,800.00
ONE AVAILABLE EX-DEM MINT CONDITION WITH WARRANTY Airtight Acoustic Masterpiece AM-201 Integrated Amplifier features:
  • Vacuum Tubes 1x12AX7, 2x12AU7, 8x EL84
  • Output 22 watts per channel
  • THD <1% at 1kHz
  • Frequency Response 20 to 20,000 Hz +/- 1db
  • Input Sensitivity <2 Volts
  • Input Impedance 100k Ohms
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Alexander Acoustics Concrete Loudspeakers

£7,995.00 £3,198.00
  • One pair of ex-dem concrete loudspeakers, collection only from Huddersfield.
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AMR CD-777 CD Player



Go for a spin. The CD-77 lifts CD quality audio like you’ve never experienced. Dust off those long-forgotten CDs and take them for a spin – memories never sounded so fresh.
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Astin Trew AT3500 Plus CD Player

  • Auricap capacitors
  • Class A biased DAC filters
  • Single crystal copper internal cabling
  • Tech specs are here.
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•Five independent transformers feeding five fully discrete linear voltage regulators for the cleanest power to each modular section of the unit. •Custom 10 mm acrylic case selected for superior acoustic properties. •NEW: additional internal EMI/RFI materials to lower electromagnetic interference noise floor. •NEW: redesigned mains power conditioning to reduce ingress and egress of mains-borne noise. •Sixteen Philips TDA1543/N2 resistor-ladder chips. •Filterless NOS design for unparalleled time-domain replay accuracy. •NEW: custom four-layer PCB to support DAC chips. •Passive output stage with Duelund Coherent Audio capacitors and selected US-made audio resistors all made to CAD specifications. •NEW: internal signal wiring upgraded to custom UP-OCC copper. •The 1543 MKII DAC is made in a modular fashion to make future upgrades possible ensuring your investment will last a lifetime.
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De-Oxit Treated UK Mains Plug

De-Oxit Treated UK Mains Plug

UK Mains plug treated with de-oxit and fitted with silver plated fuse.
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Ex-Dem Music First Audio Reference MM Phono Amplifier

£9,840.00 £7,872.00
HiFi Critic Review.. Click Here
The Music First Reference Phono Amplifier is an all valve moving magnet phone stage, employing innovative (possibly unique) circuit design, careful component selection and LCR RIAA equalisation. “… The separate power supply helps reduce noise…” (HiFi World) “…frees up a wealth of detail…Providing a new sense of realism…OUTSTANDING- amongst the best…” (HiFi Pig)
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Ex-Dem Nord Acoustics Tardis Easy-Stream Amplifier

£202.80 £150.00
  • 1 model in silver ex-dem with warranty
  • Nord easy stream FREE App
  • 50W amplifier output
  • Sample rate up to 24/192
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.2
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Ex-Dem Pass Labs HPA-1 Headphone Amplifier

£3,500.00 £3,000.00
  • 1 unit ex-dem mint condition £500 off
  • Full Warranty
  • "in bass clarity and authority and in midrange transparency, the Pass Labs HPA-1 is without peer"
  • Stereophile  
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Ex-Dem Passlabs INT-150 Integrated Amplifier

£7,395.00 £5,395.00
  • Mint condition with box
  • Full manufacturers warranty
  • FREE MCRU No. 75 worth £115
  • List price £7395 now £5395
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£630.00 £530.00
  • 1 ex-dem with £100 off
  • Mint condition with warranty
  • Amplifier
  • DAC
  • Headphone amp
  • Streamer
  • Phono Stage
Sprout is for those who care about their home, their music, and their enjoyment of music in their home. We believe there are a lot of such folks out there.
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Ex-Dem Roon Nucleus Music Server

£1,440.00 £1,200.00
  • One only ex-dem with all packaging and full warranty.
  • To use the Nucleus you will need a ROON license.
  • The Nucleus white paper can be accessed here. 
  • There is now a comprehensive review and discussion on Roon on the Darko website.
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