MCRU stock the Lumin Audio range of music servers, simple to set up and operate, audiophile performance. The entry level model has sabre DAC’s installed and operates seamlessly using an ipad to control music playback, stream internet radio, spotify or TIDAL (installed in the Lumin free APP). There is no easier or better way to start listening to digital music than through a LUMIN.

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Fidata HFAS1-XS20U Network Audio Music Server

  • Japanese engineering at its best
  • Sound quality un-surpassed
  • Read the developers notes here
  • MCRU recommended product
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Lindemann Limetree Bridge

The Limetree BRIDGE is controlled almost exclusively via the newly designed LINDEMANN app which is available both for Android and iOS. Apart from the smartphone version, there is also a proprietary tablet version in the landscape mode.
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Lindemann Limetree Network

Network player for high-res playback up to 384 kHz and DSD 256.
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Lindemann Musicbook 10 DSD

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Lindemann Musicbook 15 DSD

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Lindemann Musicbook 20 DSD

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Lindemann Musicbook 25 DSD

  • Standby Key for turning on and off the unit. Very low energy consumption in operation mode due to intelligent power supply. Standby function selectable via app between energy saving (consumption only 0.5 W) and network standby (4.0 W consumption).
  • Premium slot-in CD drive (Teac) for playing back your favorite CDs. High tracking reliability. CD text ready. All CD functions controllable via app and IR remote. Rediscover your CDs!
  • Headphone output (1/4" or 6,35 mm). Consummate musical enjoyment through a discrete class-A diamond buffer as headphone amplifier. Headphone volume controllable via IR remote and multi-function wheel. Recommended headphone impedance range: 32-300 ohms.
  • USB-A port (USB host) for docking storage media such as external harddisks or USB sticks. Recharge function for tablets and smartphones up to 2.1 A (depending on device). Recharge port for remote control.
  • Multi-function wheel for volume control, mute and input selection. All other functions can be controlled by means of the included IR remote control or via the app.
  • OLED Graphics Display with nearly 180° viewing angle (optically bonded).
  • Download Manual
  • Download Brochure
  • musicbook APP (Android)
  • musicbook APP (iOS)
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Linear Power Supply for NAIM Unitiserve

£995.00 £895.50
  • Fully Regulated Design
  • 12V DC at 5 amps
  • Proven design
  • Money back if not delighted
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Lumin A1 Audiophile Music Server

Review on Review in The Absolute Sound Review in HiFi+ Magazine Review on Audioshark Review on Postive Feedback Free i-pad with all A1's. 
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Lumin D2 Audiophile Music Server / Streamer

Rated 4.00 out of 5

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Lumin L1 Music Server for Lumin

  • 2 to clear brand new
  • No other offers apply
  • The perfect UPnP server for your LUMIN
  • Minimal setup required
  • Automatically serves all added music
  • Provides additional browsing flexibility for the LUMIN App
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Lumin M1 Music System

  • Music Server
  • Streaming device
  • Built in amplifier
  • Just add speakers
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