A range of balanced cables which generally give a better sound than standard un-balanced (RCA) types.

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Black Rhodium Cantata DCT++ CS Stereo Interconnects

Black Rhodium's Best Interconnect – and how! Now even better! XLR or RCA connectors. Product data sheet is here.
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Black Rhodium Opera DCT ++ CS Stereo Interconnects

Deep Cryogenically Treated, Pure Silver Interconnect providing excellent performance. One metre in length as standard.
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Black Rhodium Oratorio DCT ++ CS Interconnects

Made in the UK, Black Rhodium's stunning Oratorio interconnect needs to be heard! Available with RCA or XLR connectors.
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Black Rhodium Oratorio Interconnects

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Black Rhodium Sonata VS1 Stereo Interconnects

Addressing distortion has become serious with these interconnect cables. Hi-Fi Choice 5 stars and a recommended badge. Sold in various lengths starting at a 0.5 metre stereo pair. RCA and XLR versions available. Hi-Fi Choice review here.
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Ex-Dem SLIC Innovations Eclipse C Balanced XLR Cables

£725.00 £480.00
  • 3 pairs in mint condition ex-dem
  • 1.5 metre stereo pairs XLR
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Ex-Dem SLIC Innovations Eclipse C XLR Cables – 7 Metre Pair

£2,400.00 £1,000.00
  • 7 metre stereo pair
  • Used in our demo rooms
  • No other offers apply
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MCRU No.22 Pure Silver XLR Cable

Rated 5.00 out of 5
# 99.99% Pure Silver # Air Dielectric # Fully Balanced
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MCRU No.24 Pure Silver Balanced XLR Cable

  • 99.999% pure silver conductors
  • Fully balanced design
  • Shielded against RFI
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SLiC Innovations MKIII XLR Cables

  • SLiC Innovations Cable
  • Xhadow XLR Connectors
  • The Ultimate XLR Cable
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Tellurium Q Black Diamond XLR Cables

  • New Design
  • Reference level XLR cable
  • Most natural sounding cable, using the TeCu connector
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Tellurium Q Black XLR Digital Cable

  • Surprisingly high quality
  • Fantastic addition to any system
  • High performance like any analogue cable
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