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Ex-Dem Music First Audio Reference MM Phono Amplifier

£9,840.00 £7,872.00
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The Music First Reference Phono Amplifier is an all valve moving magnet phone stage, employing innovative (possibly unique) circuit design, careful component selection and LCR RIAA equalisation. “… The separate power supply helps reduce noise…” (HiFi World) “…frees up a wealth of detail…Providing a new sense of realism…OUTSTANDING- amongst the best…” (HiFi Pig)
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Music First Audio 632 MC Step Up Transformer

  • Totally new design
  • Ground lift switch
  • Plug and play
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Music First Classic Headphone Pre Amplifier

Music First Audio’s new Classic Headphone Preamplifier is a single-ended two-channel passive preamp with the addition an active headphone output. Priced at £2,400 and costing £360 more than the existing Classic Preamplifier, the stock model uses the same TX102 tapped attenuation transformers and is equipped with a total of six pairs of stereo inputs and two pairs of stereo outputs for bi-amping, meeting the analogue connectivity requirements of most audiophiles.
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