Here you will find everything you need to up-grade your Technics SL series turntable, if you have the latest model or an old die hard from the 1970’s, from feet to tone-arms, from platters to bearings, we have had a Technics SL1200 in our system for nearly 20 years.

There are so many ways to improve the sound quality of your Technics turntable, having used one ourselves for a long time we can advise you on the best up-grade path.

We stock a vast range of items to fit to the Techy to make it sound better, better feet (Isonoe and Funk Firm), better bearing (Funk Firm), external linear power supply, better tone-arm (Jelco or Funk Firm), improved tone-arm cables, all will improve the sound based on 100’s of satisfied customers.

We can even carry out the work for you. We can arrange collection of your Techy, carry out any up-grades you require, test it and return the deck by DPD couriers.


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Benz Micro Gold MC Phono Cartridge

# Swiss Precision # In Stock # 0.4Mv Output
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Custom Mounting Collar for Jelco Tone-Arms

Rated 4.20 out of 5
New improved design now available.
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Funk Firm Achromat Turntable Mat

  • The mat by which all others are judged
  • 10 years old and still No.1
  • 3mm, 5mm + technics version
  • Also fits Garrard 401/301
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Funk Firm Spin Bearing and Strata Platter for Technics SL1200

Here’s the problem:
To create a stable, wide diameter support for the record, that doesn’t move. Conventionally platters have either thickness or a sizeable edge. The trouble is the standard 1200 / 1210 series platters lack both! We are effectively left with a disc, severe ringing is the natural consequence. (For proof we need only examine the original metal offering: Place a finger through a hole, tap it gently and “feel” the edge. The all too familiar uncontrolled, vibrating “Klong” confirms the problem: The edge is moving.) One can try changing material: Glass…ceramics…plastics. In all cases, tap the edge and you can still actually feel movement. …And if you can feel it, the stylus can read it. It turns out that this is in fact a difficult problem to solve.
A creative solution was needed:
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Furutech AG-12 Phono Cable

Rated 4.50 out of 5
  • Furutech's Legendary Cable Quality
  • Turntable interconnect available as mini-DIN to RCA straight, mini-DIN to RCA angled, and RCA to RCA
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Hana Cartridges – EH-EL- SH – SL

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Linear Power Supply for Technics SL Series Turntables – STEP1

Rated 3.00 out of 5
# Proven Design # 21V DC Regulated Supply # Entry Level PSU
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MCRU Jelco Armboard for Technics SL1200

# Fits SL1200 | 1210 # Silver or Black
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MCRU Pressure Points

Rated 5.00 out of 5
£24.00 £15.00
Famously invented and made in Huddersfield. Hi-Fi Choice magazine recommended product, read the review here.
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Technics SL1200 – 1210 Linear Power Supply – STEP3

Designed and built in the UK, proven to enhance the sound quality of your Technics SL1200 | 1210 proven by existing customer feedback. Fitting instructions can be read by clicking here and here.
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  • Technics up-grades
  • Installed or supply only
  • All proven winners
  • Make your deck sing!
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Technics SL1200 Series Armboards

A brand new design of arm-board to provide a serious aesthetic improvement for your cherished Technics turntable. Available in both silver and black finishes and available for SL1200/1210 MKII and Mark 5 as well as the new 1200GR and 1200G/GAE.
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