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Ex-Dem Oyaide PA-2075 RR V2 Tone-Arm Cable RCA-RCA

£240.00 £168.00
  • 2 pairs ex-dem 25% off
  • UP-OCC Copper
  • Japanese Craftsmanship
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Oyaide 174-R IEC Inlet Socket

The IEC 320 power inlet is widely used for many types of audio equipment.
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Oyaide AZ910 Stereo Interconnects

  • Details on Oyaide website
  • 5N pure silver conductors
  • 2 pairs to clear
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BR-ONE, made of butyl rubber, is a 1mm thick turntable sheet
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Oyaide BR-12 Turntable Mat

Oyaide has developed new turntable sheet , BR-12.
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Oyaide C-004 Palladium/Platinum Plated IEC Connector – NOW 15% OFF

£135.00 £114.74
One of the best IEC's currently available.
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Oyaide C-029 IEC Connector – NOW 15% OFF

£69.95 £59.46
Quality Japanese Craftsmanship from Oyaide.
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Oyaide C-037 Rhodium/Silver Plated IEC Connector – NOW 15% OFF

Rated 5.00 out of 5
£102.00 £86.70
A true state-of-the-art IEC connector from Oyaide.
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Oyaide C-046 Palladium & Gold-Plated IEC Connector

These plugs and connectors are not merely high grade; every step is taken to realise the `State of Art` for audio application.
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Oyaide C-079 Gold-Plated IEC Connector- NOW 15% OFF

£100.00 £85.00
A Quality Oyaide IEC Connector, Gold-Plated for a warmer sound.
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Oyaide C-237 Rhodium/Silver Plated 20 Amp IEC

A high quality 20 Amp IEC Connector for Power Amps and other high-current devices.
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Oyaide DC-2.1G Gold Plated DC Power Plug

Audiophile grade DC power plug.
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