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Abdullah Ibrahim – The Balance 180g Vinyl

£23.00 £21.00
180g 33rpm gatefold LP
“There are few musicians in jazz who can make you feel that essentially all is right in the world.” - The Times "Getting the balance just right has always been Ibrahim’s great strength, drawing from a source but keeping it fresh..." - Julian Cowley, The Wire
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Acc Sees Carbon Fibre Record Brush

  • Antistatic Carbon Fibre Brush
  • Helps to reduce static on the vinyl
  • Removes dust and grime from the disc surface
  • Helps to maintain the quality of the disc
  • Reduces stylus wear and tear
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Acrolink 7N-A2050III Stereo RCA Interconnects Offer

£155.00 £120.00
  • 1 x 1 mtr pair
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Al Green Gets Next To You

After the shaky start of Green Is Blues, Al Green and producer Willie Mitchell established their classic sound with Green's second album, Gets Next to You. The main difference is in the rhythm section. Abandoning the gritty syncopations of deep Southern soul, the Hi Rhythm Section plays it slow and seductive, working a sultry, steady pulse that Green exploits with his remarkable voice. Alternating between Sam Cooke's croon and Otis Redding's shout, Green develops his own distinctive style, and Gets Next to You only touches the surface of its depth. Although the album is filled with wonderful moments, few are as astonishing as Green and Mitchell's reinterpretation of the Temptations' "I Can't Get Next to You," which turns the original inside out. Stephen Thomas Erlewine /AMG
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Alan Wakeman – The Octet Broadcasts – 1969 and 1979 – 2 x 180g Vinyl

£27.00 £21.00
33rpm 180gm 2 x Vinyl LP Limited stock Release date: 21 August, 2020 

Watch the album trailer!

"The next generation of British jazz" - Melody Maker, 1970 "British jazz at its best" - Stuart Nicholson, Jazzwise
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Alpha Wire 1943/3F Mains Power Cable for DIY (Belden 19364 Equivalent)

£6.95 £5.95
Alpha Wire is part of the Belden group and this cable is made in the same factory as Belden 19364. It is very similar in specification using 2.08mm conductors with foil shielding. Perfect for making DIY audiophile mains power leads and available off the reel per metre up to 76 metre continuous length. Outside diameter of the cable is 9mm.
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AMR AM-777 Amplifier

£3,595.00 £2,995.00
  • 1 unit in silver, 1 unit in black to clear
  • Dual mono integrated amplifier
  • USB Digital Input
  • Monoblock option (buy 2)
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AMR CD-777 CD Player

£3,595.00 £2,995.00

I unit in silver to clear


Go for a spin. The CD-77 lifts CD quality audio like you’ve never experienced. Dust off those long-forgotten CDs and take them for a spin – memories never sounded so fresh.
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AMR DP-777 Dac

£3,195.00 £2,550.00
  • I unit in black to clear
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Arthur Brown & Kingdom Come – Galactic Zoo Dossier

£22.00 £17.60
This newly remastered edition includes bonus tracks of three alternate versions of Metal Monster , Space Plucks and Sunrise , together with both tracks from a BBC Radio One John Peel session from March 1971
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Bastien Keb – The Killing of Eugene Peeps 180g Vinyl

£24.00 £15.00
The Killing of Eugene Peeps 180gm 33rpm LP Release date: 9th October, 2020 A soundtrack to an imagined film... Bastien Keb presents his third album, 'The Killing of Eugene Peeps', an ode to Giallo, 70s crime flicks, and French new wave cinema. Befit with downbeat anti-ballads, psychedelic folk, and warped soliloquies, the music is an imagined score to a film that exists only in the mind. Sequenced like a film narrative, songs like 'Lucky (The Oldest Grave)', 'Rabbit Hole', 'Alligator' and mid-album rap tangent 'Paprika' call to mind key, set-piece moments. Evocative instrumental passages shift and link moods and themes between them; from brief minimal-jazz meanders ('Murmurs'), psychedelic funk ('Street Clams') to ethereal romanticism ('All That Love In Your Heart').
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Belanger & Bisson – Conversations Vinyl

£45.00 £30.00
The multi-talented pianist and vocalist Anne Bisson and cellist Vincent Belanger collaborate for an album of musical “Conversations”. The album includes music composed by Belanger and Bisson along with Sylvie Massicote, Pierre Lenoir, David Chesky, Vincent’s uncle Marc Belanger, and Fung Sou. The variety of composers brings a variety of styles to the table including Chinese music (sung in Mandarin), jazz, Latin rhythms, Bossa Nova, and songs of relationships and lost loves
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