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LAB12 AC1 High End Audio Power Cable

High End Audio Power Cable by Lab12 £595.00 1.5 meter US version £649.00 1.5 meter UK version £169.00 extra half meter

LAB12 DAC1 Reference

Free MCRU No. 75 mains lead
  • Input Sampling Rate up to 24bit/192 kHz
  • Non Oversampling mode
  • 8x Multibit Philips DACs network
  • 2x Dual Triodes tubes I/V analog output stage
  • 6 Separate Regulated Power Supplies
  • Analog retro Nissei VU meters
  • 6mm Aluminum face panel
  • Five Years Guarantee

LAB12 DIG1 Digital Interconnect

Digital Interconnect interconnect by Lab12 SPDIF 75 ohm coaxial with RCA connectors. AES/EBU 110 ohm with XLR connectors. £395.00 RCA/BNC 1METER £450.00 AES/EBU XLR 1 METER £140.00 extra half meter (stereo)

LAB12 Gordian Mains Conditioner

  • UK and EU sockets available
  • • 230V/50Hz, 115V/60Hz versions • OLED display • Adaptive EMI RFI filtering • Adaptive Common and differential filters • Adaptive Power Factor correction • Overvoltage protection • FFT analysis • DC voltage analysis • THD analysis • Power consumption analysis • AC voltage, current analysis • Sleep mode system • 5mm Aluminum face panel with luxury painting • Five Years Guarantee

LAB12 HPA OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier – Preamplifier – USB DAC

This is where it all started for the Lab12. Our love for music and high-end audio was our first and foremost challenge, explored years back throughout the headphone pre-amplifier. Dealing with the fragile signal and transforming it into the true high-end potent audio headphone amplifier is not the task, that everyone dares to explore. Full Review Here


• KT170 Valves • Remote Control • Large OLED display • Blue Velvet ALPS motorized potentiometer • Connectivity and extendibility through I/O Upgrade Modules • Sophisticated protection and bias monitoring system • No feedback design • SRSG® implementation • Gold plated Teflon RCA connectors • Gold plated tube sockets • 5mm aluminum face panel with luxury painting • Five years guarantee

LAB12 Knack MKII Mains Power Lead

• EU, US, UK, Swiss power connector versions • 16A (C13) or 20A (C19) IEC connector versions • Independent braided copper shield to phase and neutral cores • High grade red copper, gold plated connectors • Rating: 115-240V AC 16 Amp continuous current • Total conductor thickness: 3x6mm² (10AWG) • Cable resistance: 3,40 mΩ /m • Internal capacitance: 150pF /m • Internal inductance: 2.80 uH /m • Length: 1, 5 meters (custom length available)

LAB12 Melto1 Valve MC/MM Phono Preamplifier

Vinyl is back.. though it was never really gone! More and more music lovers turn to analog sources, since they offer a more natural and original feeling in the perception of sound. So, here comes the newest member of our range melto1, to bring audiophiles a step closer to the true analog sound. Phono stages are the main supporting links in the chain of any high-end sound system. When designing melto1, we had in mind to bring to the fore a thoroughly musical phono stage, which will engage audiophiles to the analog sound and its benefits. Without compromising on the absolute musicality and pure recreation of sound, we managed to smoothly handle the sensitive cartridge signal and give you the opportunity to get the best possible from your turntable / cartridge system, through a variety of setting combinations.


A Phono preamplifier represents the utmost challenge for any high-end audio designer and company. Melto2 is a full tube, remotely controlled phono stage with high quality OLED display, where all important functions are clearly visible and easily selectable in real time.


• EL34, 6550, KT88 compatible (EL34 from factory) • Triode / ultra linear selector switch • No feedback design • SRSG® implementation • Fine symmetry® implementation • Gold plated Teflon RCA connectors • Gold plated tube sockets • Analog retro Nissei VU meters • 5mm aluminum face panel with luxury painting • Five years guarantee

LAB12 Noyra Mains Power Conditioner

In our continuing quest to perfect the mains and give the end user the best possible performance from hi/her hifi system MCRU present the LAB12 Noyra mains conditioner. 6 sockets housed in a smart metal enclosure with a 5mm thick front plate. Available with UK, US or EU (Schuko) outlet sockets on the back panel.

LAB12 PH1 Analogue Phono Interconnect

Analog phono interconnect cable by Lab12
Standard Length - 1m
Additional Length - 1.5m