If you want to breath new life into an ageing CD player or need the very best sound quality possible we have DAC’s to suit every system and every budget. Starting at £165 we can help you decide which DAC is right for your system. 

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Exogal Comet DAC

  • Oh no not another DAC!
  • This is different
  • You need to hear it
  • Remote APP is here
  • User manual here
  • Windows driver here
  • Good review here
  • Another review here

Ferrum Audio – Erco Headphone Dac / Amplifier

Like a top chef who uses his ingredients freshly and grown from his own garden, Ferrum integrated parts of the awarded HYPSOS technology and lend some of OOR’s magic to lay the first bricks for ERCO. Then Ferrum proceeded to add their culminated 20 years’ worth of experience in making DA converters. And man, did Ferrum pull it off. They managed to get the best out of their two winners and put it in Ferrum's new sibling, adding awesome DA conversion to the mix.

Ferrum Audio – Wanda Dac – Pre Amplifier

Introducing the WANDLA DAC and Pre-Amplifier from Ferrum Audio. Expertly crafted with the highest quality components, the WANDLA DAC offers exceptional audio performance and transparency at an unprecedented price.

Furutech ADL GT40a USB DAC + Phono Stage + Headphone Amp

  • New model now in stock
  • High performance
  • DAC + ADC + Phono Stage
  • Headphone Amplifier
  • 6 Moons Review

LAB12 DAC1 Reference

Free MCRU No. 75 mains lead
  • Input Sampling Rate up to 24bit/192 kHz
  • Non Oversampling mode
  • 8x Multibit Philips DACs network
  • 2x Dual Triodes tubes I/V analog output stage
  • 6 Separate Regulated Power Supplies
  • Analog retro Nissei VU meters
  • 6mm Aluminum face panel
  • Five Years Guarantee

LAB12 HPA OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier – Preamplifier – USB DAC

This is where it all started for the Lab12. Our love for music and high-end audio was our first and foremost challenge, explored years back throughout the headphone pre-amplifier. Dealing with the fragile signal and transforming it into the true high-end potent audio headphone amplifier is not the task, that everyone dares to explore. Full Review Here

Linear Power Supply for Furutech ADL Stratos

  • Award winning design
  • Fully regulated
  • Plug + play design

MCRU No.75 Complete Mains Loom – No. 75 Mains Block + 6 x No. 75 Power Leads

  • Complete mains loom
  • 6 way mains power block
  • 6 x No. 75 mains leads
  • Total of 10 metres cable
  • UK or Schuko sockets available

MCRU No.75 Mains Power Extension Hub

  • Based on the No. 75 power lead
  • Choice of 4,6 or 8 sockets
  • Furutech copper mains plug
  • Silver plated shielded cable
  • UK or Schuko sockets available

Musical Surroundings MyDac II DAC

“If you’re an analog-only audiophile who has listened to a lot of DACs but never heard one that sounds right to your ears, you may want to give the MYDAC II a try. It could be the DAC that makes it possible for you to enjoy digital for the first time.”
Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound

One Only In Black @ £950.00

Musical Surroundings Phonomena II+ MM/MC Phonostage


One Only In Silver @ £650.00

The Phonomena II+ is the successor in our affordable phono preamplifier series, celebrating 15-years in the market. The Phonomena II+ features an improved chassis design, based on our more expensive Nova II, and is available in both black and silver finish. Boasting a new circuit board layout, the Phonomena II+ delivers discrete dual-mono signal paths, affording the listener more vibrant and dynamic music reproduction with a “blacker” background.