MCRU are not just about “cables” as we represent some of the world’s best brands of hifi equipment. You won’t find the popular mainstream manufacturers here. We pride ourselves on only stocking the best sounding equipment even if it means you have never heard of them! Let your ears decide is out motto. Please call to arrange a demonstration at our premises, or in your own home.

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Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Closed Back Headphones

ÆON Flow 2 Closed is Dan Clark Audio's all-new affordable high-performance closed-back headphone. The original AEON Flow headphones broke new ground with the ergonomic and stylish industrial design that have become the signature of Dan Clark Audio designs. AEON Flow won many awards for its superb ergonomics, great sound, high-reliability and exceptional value; it’s hard to believe they could find a way to improve on that… but they did!

Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Open Planer Headphones

The original Aeon Flow broke new ground with its ergonomic and stylish industrial design that have hallmarks of Dan Clark Audio designs. From the elegant shape of the earcups, to the lightweight nitinol headband, and the amazing performance of its in-house designed planer drivers, it’s hard to belive they found a ways to improve it……… but they did!

De-Oxit Treated UK Mains Plug

UK Mains plug treated with de-oxit and fitted with silver plated fuse.



Esoteric P-03 SACD Transport


Esoteric P-03 SACD Transport - Pre-owned

Equipped with a refined VRDS-NEO mechanism. The entire thick aluminum body is supported at three points by a 5mm thick steel bottom chassis and ESOTERIC's original hardened steel pinpoint foot (patent pending), to achieve high rigidity and zero resonance. Equipped with a digital audio output equipped with a DSD conversion function that converts to a DSD output signal.

Ex-Dem Canor TP106 VR+ Integrated Valve Amplifier

  • 1 unit in silver
  • ex-dem unit
  • 6 months warranty
  • UK shipping only

Ex-Dem Longdog Audio MCj3 Hybrid Valve Phono Stage

1 unit ex-dem in silver The Longdog MCJ3 is a dedicated MC phono stage based on a sophisticated hybrid of jfets with valve technology. The MCJ3 is a purist design, dedicated to its singular task; amplifying MC cartridges with 64dB of gain.
Latest Reviews: HiFi Wigwam | TNT Audio

Ex-Dem Music First Audio Reference MM Phono Amplifier

HiFi Critic Review.. Click Here
The Music First Reference Phono Amplifier is an all valve moving magnet phone stage, employing innovative (possibly unique) circuit design, careful component selection and LCR RIAA equalisation. “… The separate power supply helps reduce noise…” (HiFi World) “…frees up a wealth of detail…Providing a new sense of realism…OUTSTANDING- amongst the best…” (HiFi Pig)

Ex-Dem Novafidelity N25 HiFi Audio Streamer

  • 1 only in silver
  • Boxed with instructions etc

Ex-Dem Pass Labs INT-25 Integrated Amplifier

One unit ex-dem with remote and box At Pass Labs we build Fet amplifiers with excessive output stages, huge heat sinks and massive power supplies. We use the highest quality components in simple linear topologies, assembled and tested with care and subtlety. They measure well, sound great, and are reliable. Twenty plus years of ongoing innovation have kept the X and XA amplifiers at the forefront of high-end audio. The INT-25 embodies all this and less. A smaller stereo Class A amplifier at a lower price, it takes advantage of the lower power requirements to have simpler single-ended circuitry and fewer parts in the signal path. This also allows elimination of degeneration, “that other negative feedback” in all stages.
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Ex-Dem Pass Labs XA-25 – Stereo Power Amplifier

1 unit ex-dem with original packaging No other offers apply or can be used The new XA25 offers great sound at slightly lower power, without frills, at a lower price. It embodies new components and innovative circuits coupled with the best elements of the previous generation. Degeneration, “the other form of feedback”, has been eliminated. The output stage consists of a single pair of 800 watt new generation output transistors operating push-pull Class A. The result is faster, lower distortion, lower noise, higher damping and larger Class A operating envelope into low impedance loudspeakers, all in a simple 3 stage circuit with total of three pair of push-pull gain transistors.

Ex-Dem Thivan Labs 211 Gold Swan Integrated Amplifier

  • 1 unit ex-dem
  • Please enquire for shipping cost if outside the UK
  • The SWAN 211 Single-ended version’s sound quality is similar to that of the 211SE Anniversary version (the 2-blocked type). However, it is beautifully designed to be contained in one neat amplifier block. This one-block design, compared to the 211 SE Anniversary series, enables the Swan 211 to easily fit in narrow spaces.