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SLiC Innovations Dragon Gold RCA Cables

Designed and manufactured in the UK using a patented cable geometry design, no tech specs, no material specifications, just listen and decide.
If it's not the best cable you have ever heard simply return for a no quibble refund.

Slic Innovations Eclipse C Digital Cable

MCRU are the exclusive dealer for an interconnect that can only be described as the nearest thing to having no cable in your system. The Slic Innovations "Eclipse C" will both shock and astound in equal measures, you will not believe what you are hearing.

Slic Innovations Eclipse C Loudspeaker Cables

Re defines what's possible from a cable, proven by customer feedbacks.

SLiC Innovations Eclipse C Mk II Ethernet Cable

One small step for SLiC, one giant step for cable design. Digital audio comes of age with the SLiC ethernet cable with the new MK II Ethernet CAable. No signal loss regardless of length.

SLiC Innovations Eclipse C SE Interconnects

Cable manufactured in England to a patented design, 100's of the standard model sold, the Special Edition model uses the new Furutech NCF RCA connectors for optimum performance.
Destined to be a classic design based on our initial trials.

Slic Innovations Eclipse C Tonearm Cable

As we move closer to offering a complete SLIC cable loom MCRU offer a new lease of life for your vinyl collection, the Slic tone-arm cable. The microscopically low signal from your cartridge is very susceptical to interferance, the Slic is a super low interferance cable design able to allow more detail and information to pass through un-interrupted.

SLiC Innovations Eclipse D Interconnects

  • Proven design
  • Eliminates distortion
  • Patented technology

SLiC Innovations MKIII XLR Cables

  • SLiC Innovations Cable
  • Xhadow XLR Connectors
  • The Ultimate XLR Cable

SLiC Innovations USB Cable

  • Patented cable design
  • Unique geometry
  • USB-A to USB-B