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Belden 83803 Mains Cable for DIY

Original price was: £40.00.Current price is: £30.00.
  • Sold Per Metre
  • Free assembly and testing if you also purchase connectors
  • Supplied in one length
  • On sale while stocks last

The MCRU 15 Year Anniversary Prize Raffle

  • MCRU 15 year anniversary raffle
  • 15 prizes to be won
  • Entry via website or in person at the NWAS

Ex-Demo DS Audio DS003 Optical Cartridge System

Original price was: £5,995.00.Current price is: £4,795.00.
1 unit de-demo with all original packaging
ALL DS Audio cartridge systems have their own phono amplifier so there is no need for you to use your existing one. The price includes the cartridge and phono stage and is available at £5995.00 in stock
The DS003 cartridge is a completely new design. The third generation of DS Audio’ s optical cartridge features a comprehensively re-designed optical system that provides exceptional sound quality.

Ex-Dem Pass Labs XP-22 Preamplifier

Original price was: £9,975.00.Current price is: £8,478.75.
The new design uses double-shielded low noise toroidal transformers in external supply The new design uses double-shielded low noise toroidal transformers in an external supply connected via aviation-grade circular connectors using silver over oxygen-free copper. The power supply is dual mono with two transformers with lower radiated and mechanical noise. Noise is the most prominent part of THD+N at low levels, so by lowering noise we get better resolution and dynamics. The gain circuitry continues to use our favorite transistors from Toshiba but has a larger, higher biased, output stage like the Xs Preamp, and includes auto bias. The larger output stage makes longer, and multiple cable runs easier to drive and gives us the advantage of simplifying our single-ended output circuitry while increasing performance. The volume control is a single stage instead of two stages and has more range; it is quieter and more accurate. This is the same volume control as used in the XP-30. Overall this makes for a quieter, more neutral, musical, and versatile control center for your system. The XP-22 measures spectacularly well — but it really stands out sonically.

WiiM Ultra Music Streamer

Available to Pre-Order

Please note: the first delivery of the WiiM Ultra Streamer will be due in early June 2024. If you would like to pre-order this streamer, we will inform you once we have them in stock and are ready for delivery to you.

Experience unparalleled audio quality with the WiiM Ultra Music Streamer, featuring a newly improved ESS Sabre DAC chip and a sleek chassis akin to an amplifier. With its intuitive touch screen interface and extensive connectivity options, elevate your listening experience to new heights with the WiiM Ultra.

Lumin T2 Network Music Player

Original price was: £3,795.00.Current price is: £1,500.00.
Pre-Owned Lumin T2 Music Streamer
Was £3795 now £1500 1 in black
Please note: Top is scratched
LUMIN T2 heralds the first redesign of the classic A1/T1 main boards and chassis.
This new approach combines solid cnc panel construction with X1 technology to hit the performance sweet spot.

Lumin T2 Network Music Player

Original price was: £3,795.00.Current price is: £1,995.00.
Pre-Owned Lumin T2 Music Streamer
Was £3795 now £1995 1 in silver
LUMIN T2 heralds the first redesign of the classic A1/T1 main boards and chassis.
This new approach combines solid cnc panel construction with X1 technology to hit the performance sweet spot.

Denon DCD-A110 Limited 110th Anniversary Edition CD Player

Original price was: £3,100.00.Current price is: £2,250.00.
Taken in part exchange as new condition, boxed.
Celebrate 110 years of defining audio excellence with the masterfully crafted Denon limited series Anniversary Edition silver graphite SACD player, the DCD-A110.
AL32 Processing Advanced S.V.H. Mechanism Reduced vibration Minimized circuitry paths High-grade components 110th anniversary edition

Ex-Dem LAB12 DAC1 Reference

Original price was: £2,795.00.Current price is: £1,800.00.
  • 1 unit ex-dem in silver
  • Full warranty
  • Input Sampling Rate up to 24bit/192 kHz
  • Non Oversampling mode
  • 8x Multibit Philips DACs network
  • 2x Dual Triodes tubes I/V analog output stage
  • 6 Separate Regulated Power Supplies
  • Analog retro Nissei VU meters
  • 6mm Aluminium face panel
  • Five Years Guarantee

MCRU 15 Year Anniversary DIY Power Lead Set

Original price was: £335.00.Current price is: £250.00.
The MCRU range of DIY mains power lead sets are very popular as they allow our customers to have the satisfaction of listening to something they have constructed themselves. When it also makes your equipment sound much better it's an added bonus!
To celebrate 15 years of being in business MCRU have available a limited edition Furutech DIY mains power lead set. Only 15 are available so when its gone, its gone.
  • Furutech FI-1363R UK mains plug
  • AMR 13A Audiophile fuse
  • Furutech FI-11R cryo IEC connector
  • Furutech FP-314AGII cable x 1.5 mtr
  • No other offers apply or can be used

MCRU 2024 NWAS Mains Power Lead

Original price was: £99.95.Current price is: £79.95.
Manufactured in our workshops in the heart of Yorkshire the NWAS (North West Audio Show) mains power lead (new design for 2024) will again be available at the show in June.
We are giving our discerning fellow audiophiles the chance to acquire this rather good cable now.
Utilizing the MS HD Power copper UK mains plug with a gold plated 13A fuse installed, the IEC end is our own bespoke manufactured copper IEC connector.
Tested both in our own reference system with Soulution amplifiers and in a budget system using the new WiiM amplifier the results are the same, another MCRU power lead that punches well above its weight.
1 metre long only

WiiM Stereo Amplifier, Streamer and Speaker Offer

Original price was: £1,295.00.Current price is: £995.00.
WiiM Stereo Amplifier/Streamer and Revival Audio Sprint 3 Loudspeakers Combo Complete system ready to go with FREE loudspeaker cables included Save £300
The WiiM Amp is an amplifier and streamer that’s as compact as it is versatile and high-performance! It lets you distribute your music extremely simply via DLNA, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth (bidirectional) or Chromecast. So you can easily access your music library, whether it’s stored on a computer, NAS or smartphone. What’s more, control of the device and playback is made easy with the WiiM Home mobile app. The app also gives you access to your favorite streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz. On the amplification side, you will find a high-efficiency Class D circuit TPA3255, capable of developing a comfortable power of 2x100W into 4Ω or 2x60W into 8Ω. Revival Audio’s Sprint 3 speaker is so much more than an affordable speaker range. Based on almost four decades of expertise, Sprint is the brainchild of some of the most innovative minds in the industry. It’s just as beautiful as it is functional, slipping seamlessly into any living space or entertainment area. And beneath the surface, you’ll find the same cutting-edge acoustic tech and unbeatable sound that powered our immensely successful Atalante line. Sprint is the next generation in the Revival Audio family, carrying on the legacy in style.