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Acoustical Systems Arché VTA Headshell Offer

Original price was: £495.00.Current price is: £420.00.
  • Special offer on Satin Black model
  • No other offers apply or can be used
  • Sets a new standard in sound quality. Full story here.

Alpha Wire 1943 Audiophile Grade Mains Cable for DIY

Alpha Wire is a division of Belden USA who are one of the world's largest manufacturers of signal cables. The 1943 model is a foil screened mains power cable with earth drain wire for DIY mains power leads and mains extension blocks. It is the same spec. as Belden 19364. The design of the 1943 is perfect for mains leads for hifi applications due to the foil shield acting as a barrier to prevent RFI. The drain wire connects to the earth pin in the mains plug and is cut off at the other end, All the mains noise is then kept at the plug end not the equipment end.
3 x 14awg copper conductors with foil shield and active earth screening. Sold by the metre off the reel. You will receive 1 continuous length, example order 6 receive 1 x 6 metre length.

AMG Giro Mk II Turntable (9W2 tonearm)

Original price was: £8,950.00.Current price is: £6,712.50.
  • 1 only special offer 25% off
  • Sealed box with full warranty
  • No other offers apply or can be used

AMG Viella V12 Turntable With 12Jt Tonearm

Original price was: £19,995.00.Current price is: £14,996.25.
2 Only, Special Offer 25% off, brand new with warranty
“….the AMG V12 simply has the magic touch.” – Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound
  • Includes arm
  • Cartridge extra
  • Stunning quality
  • German made

AMR Audio – AM-777 SE Amplifier


AMR Audio - AM-777 SE Pre-Main Amplifier - Pre-owned

Music is emotion.
From the first note to the last, music should move you. If it doesn’t, then get ready for the AM-777 to rock your world.
Stirring sounds.
It’s predecessor, the AM-77, was a real game-changer for amplifiers, but the AM-777 goes one step further by producing music that stirs your emotions. Vocals are elevated and instruments are separated to produce first class musicality. And the AM-777 achieves this by injecting:
  • speed
  • rhythm
  • life
into every vocal and instrument, allowing you to enjoy music ‘live’ in your own home.
You got the look.
With it’s brushed aluminium chassis, the AM-777 doesn’t only sound high-quality, it looks it too, which means not only will your music sound good, it will also look good. Outperforming larger and more expensive separates, LUMIN M1 shouldn't be dismissed as a second system. With 60W of amplifying power it can drive room-filling speakers and has the same musical heart as every other LUMIN music player.

Benz Micro CF Special Edition Cartridge

Original price was: £795.00.Current price is: £595.00.
The classic Benz Micro hand made phono cartridges from Switzerland. In stock.
The continued evolution of the Benz Micro cartridge line and the culmination of years of research and manufacturing refinements.

Benz Micro LP-S MC Cartridge

  • One of the best cartridges you can buy
  • No other offers apply or can be used

Black Ravioli Base Equipment Support Shelf

Original price was: £900.00.Current price is: £500.00.
  • Isolates + dissipates energy
  • Rests on Black Ravioli pads
  • 440 x 360 x 18mm

Black Ravioli Grounding Box

Original price was: £499.00.Current price is: £250.00.
  • Special offer while stocks last
  • USB | RCA | HDMI available
  • Simply plug into a spare socket on your chosen device (streamer/dac/phono amp etc).
The unit works as a grounding solution draining away spurious energy to improve sound quality.
Was £499 Now £250

Black Rhodium Athena DCT++ Speaker Cables

Original price was: £1,600.00.Current price is: £960.00.

Black Rhodium Concerto Classic DCT Stereo Interconnects

Original price was: £699.00.Current price is: £360.00.

Black Rhodium Libra EU Mains Power Lead MCRU SE

Original price was: £96.00.Current price is: £48.00.
  • Special Edition Libra
  • MCRU internal filters
  • Silver plated connectors
  • EU Schuko plug 
  • 1.2 metres long