If you are considering wiring a dedicated mains spur in your house for your hi-fi there are quite a few different cables available, we have listed what we consider to be the best performing cables within their price ranges, all will give your hi-fi system a performance boost and some will make it sound as though you have up-graded all your components.

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Belden 83803 Mains Cable for DIY – Sold per 1/2 Metre

  • Sold Per 1/2 Metre
  • No.1 DIY Cable
  • Supplied in one length

Furutech FP-3TS20 Mains Power Cable

# UP-OCC cable # Use for mains spurs # Use for power cords

Furutech FP-Alpha 3 UP-OCC Mains Cable

  •  UP-OCC Copper
  •  Sold per 0.5 Metres
  •  Furutechs Best Cable

Furutech FP-TCS31 – FP-S35TC Triple C Power Cable

  • Sold Per 0.5 Metre Length
  • Furutech's Latest Generation Cable
  • Triple C Copper
  • 2.5sq mm (12AWG)

Mains Spur Power Cable per Metre

# For dedicated mains spurs # 6mm sq conductors # Sold per metre

MCRU Audiophile 4mm Mains Cable per Metre

  • 4mm sq conductors
  • Made in germany
  • Active earth screen
  • Numbered cores

MCRU Double Screened Mains Spur Cable

  • Double screened cable
  • 4mm, 6mm or 10mm sq
  • Foil shield RFI blocker
  • Sold per metre

Neotech NEP-3001 III Mains Power Cable

  • Suitable for use as a home made power lead or dedicated mains spur wiring.
  • UP-OCC copper with shielding
  • Sold per 1/2 metre off the reel
  • Will be sent in one length

Neotech NEP-3003 III Mains Power Cable

We sell this cable off the reel per 0.5 metres, if you require say 6 metres add qty 12 to your basket, it will be sent in one continuous length.

Neotech NEP-3160 Mains Spur Cable

  • UP-OCC copper
  • Neotech’s best mains spur cable
  • Sold in 1 mtr increments
Please be aware this cable is very stiff.

Neotech NEP-3200 Mains Power Cable

  • UP-OCC copper
  • Neotech’s best power cable
  • Sold in 0.5 mtr increments