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Ferrum Audio – Erco Headphone Dac / Amplifier

Like a top chef who uses his ingredients freshly and grown from his own garden, Ferrum integrated parts of the awarded HYPSOS technology and lend some of OOR’s magic to lay the first bricks for ERCO. Then Ferrum proceeded to add their culminated 20 years’ worth of experience in making DA converters. And man, did Ferrum pull it off. They managed to get the best out of their two winners and put it in Ferrum's new sibling, adding awesome DA conversion to the mix.

Ferrum Audio – OOR – Headphone amplifier

OOR will redefine the category of headphone amplifiers. OOR will drive any headphones effortlessly to the max of their potential, while preserving the essence of the music it amplifies. Ultra low distortion, zero fatigue, huge dynamics and unrivaled detail result in ultimate enjoyment. OOR actually makes something that is very difficult to accomplish, seem like the most natural thing on earth.

Furutech ADL GT40a USB DAC + Phono Stage + Headphone Amp

  • New model now in stock
  • High performance
  • DAC + ADC + Phono Stage
  • Headphone Amplifier
  • 6 Moons Review

LAB12 HPA OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier – Preamplifier – USB DAC

This is where it all started for the Lab12. Our love for music and high-end audio was our first and foremost challenge, explored years back throughout the headphone pre-amplifier. Dealing with the fragile signal and transforming it into the true high-end potent audio headphone amplifier is not the task, that everyone dares to explore. Full Review Here

Linear Power Supply for Furutech ADL Stratos

  • Award winning design
  • Fully regulated
  • Plug + play design

Musical Fidelity X-Can V3 Headphone Amplifier and Linear Power Supply

Pre-owned Musical Fidelity X-Can V3 Headphone Amplifier and Linear Power Supply Fully working and good overall condition Benefits from the highly regarded Rock Grotto upgrade kit Click Here to Download Manual

Pass Labs HPA-1 Headphone Amplifier

The HPA-1 headphone amplifier was designed ground-up to become what we believe is one of the very best sounding headphone amplifiers available today. With low feedback, wide bandwidth and a direct coupled MOSFET output stage, this musical instrument drives even the most difficult headphone loads with ease, power and grace. The HPA-1 also functions as a line-level preamplifier that sonically rivals much higher-priced competition. The measured performance is superb and the sound even better.


  • Specifically developed for the pro idsd
  • 15V DC output x 4 Amps
  • Fully regulated design