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Black Rhodium Opera DCT++ Digital Cable

# DCT Treated Twice # Designed in the UK # Stunning Performance

Black Rhodium Rondo 75 ohm Digital Cable

# True 75 ohm Cable # Gold Plated RCA's # RCA or BNC

MCRU Audiophile Mains Power Lead – Furutech FP-TCS21

MCRU Audiophile Mains Power Lead
MCRU offcuts power leads, we have end of reel/offcuts of mains cable on a regular basis, we have begun to construct these into high end power leads to offer our customers top performance at a bargain price.
This model uses Furutech FP-TCS21 triple C copper with active earth shield terminated with Neotech's high end IEC connector and Schuko plug both rhodium plated.
The power lead is 1.6 metres long.

MCRU No. 22 Pure Silver XLR Cables

# 99.99% Pure Silver # Air Dielectric # Fully Balanced

MCRU No. 6 Pure Silver Tonearm Cable

Many audiophiles agree that silver is the best material for conducting the very small signal from a phono cartridge.

MCRU No. 83 DIY Mains Lead Set

  • MS HD Power Pure Copper Mains Plug
  • MS HD Power Copper IEC Connector
  • LAPP Olflex Classic 2.5mm Sq Cable
  • Gold Plated 13 Amp Bussmann Fuse

MCRU No.100 DIY Mains Power Lead Set

MCRU know a thing or 2 about what makes a good mains lead, after all we have been tinkering with the mains for over 30+ years. Our DIY mains lead sets are one of our most popular products, thousands sell every year.
We support many of the world's best cable makers and based on our own trials and tests one of the very best is Furutech of Japan. Today we are launching one of the very best value #DIY sets we have used, performance exceeds the cost by a good margin. Furutech silver plated UK mains plug and matching IEC connector both cryo treated using a patented process, the cable is also silver plated with active earth shield to combat the effects of #RFI.. Finally no mains plug should be used without up-grading the internal fuse, we are including a FREE Synergistic Research SR20 quantum 13a mains fuse worth £45 in the set. Our acoustic braiding and 2 pieces of heatshrink sleeving to seal the ends make up the set, 1 metre of cable as standard longer lengths can be specified if required. The MCRU No. 100 mains lead set is available now at £185 per set

MCRU No.30 DIY Mains Power Lead Set

With the vast amount of wireless products being used in our homes (wireless internet uses radio waves for the signal) its more important than ever to prevent RFI (radio frequency interference) from harming the sound quality of your hifi system. Radio waves travel down the wires if they are un-shielded and inject interference into the electronics, easily preventable by using well shielded and screened cables. Particularly mains cables, so help is at hand from MCRU. We introduce the No. 30 mains lead set (DIY) which uses shielded and screened cable using a separate drain wire and foil shielding, proven to combat the effects of RFI and make your system sound better. The set has 1.5 metres of cable and our reference silver plated UK mains plug and IEC connector. Silver is the best conductor of electrons known to man, silver plating improves conductivity. There is nothing more satisfying for audiophiles than to construct your own cable and listen to the improvements by using it. The No.30 DIY set is available with USA/AUS/EU mains plugs on request and longer cable lengths can be supplied if required.

MeiCord Ethernet Cables

I am proud to announce that the respected audio and music journal HiFi Critic have awarded the Meicord Ethernet Cables the top accolade in their annual awards, HiFi Critic Audio Excellence.

Slic Innovations Eclipse C Digital Cable

MCRU are the exclusive dealer for an interconnect that can only be described as the nearest thing to having no cable in your system. The Slic Innovations "Eclipse C" will both shock and astound in equal measures, you will not believe what you are hearing.

SLiC Innovations Eclipse C Mk II Ethernet Cable

One small step for SLiC, one giant step for cable design. Digital audio comes of age with the SLiC ethernet cable with the new MK II Ethernet CAable. No signal loss regardless of length.