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Townshend Audio Allegri Reference Preamplifier

The Allegri Reference is a microprocessor-controlled, passive, autotransformer volume control (AVC) pre-amplifier. Ideally suited for both the discerning home hi-fi enthusiast and the professional user. Wired through-out with Townshend’s proprietary Fractal™ cable, with full remote control, with a detailed and clear LED display and the latest Seismic Isolation. Designed with the goal of absolute signal purity, it is the optimum solution for the heart of your system. It is exactly what every audio enthusiast has been waiting for.  

Townshend Audio Allegri+ Pre-amplifier

  • The Allegri+ Passive Autotransformer preamp is exceptionally transparent, has absolutely no noise and has enormously wide bandwidth.
It has vanishingly low distortion, very powerful and deep bass and amazing drive throughout the audio band. Treble is crystal clear with not a hint of hardness or brashness. It just sounds right!

Townshend Audio DCT 300 Interconnects

DCT 300 has been winning awards since 2002 for its open, uncoloured sound and world beating transparency. The secret is in the 99% air insulation. All insulation materials add distortion to the signal so we place bare thin copper strip conductors into thin walled PTFE tubing where only the edge of the strip is in contact with the insulator.

Townshend Audio DCT Digital Interconnect

Townshend Audio Isolda DCT Digital interconnect maintains the precise sharp transition of the digital signal so that no jitter is added. If the high frequency S/PDIF signal in a digital connection is to arrive intact and without any echoes of itself caused by impedance variations it has to be sent down a 75 ohm conductor. That is why we have stuck to a classic coaxial topology with Isolda DCT Digital.

Townshend Audio DCT Isolda Speaker Cable Pair

Townshend Audio DCT (Deep Cryogenically Threaded) Isolda Speaker cables have an enviable reputation as being the best cables you can buy. They are a natural and satisfying component for the discerning listener, neither adding or taking away anything to or from the sound.

Townshend Audio F1 Fractal Analogue Interconnect

Fractal-Wire™ is Townshend Audio’s ultimate interconnect. It took a long time to improve the Isolda EDCT (Enhanced™ Deep Cryogenic Treatment), but they finally achieved it by developing the Fractal-Wire™ proprietary treatment process.

Townshend Audio F1 Fractal Speaker Cable Pair

The F1 Fractal™ speaker cable combines Townshend’s remarkable Fractal™ proprietary treatment, with its impedance matched cable geometry to bring you the most transparent, accurate and captivating speaker cable they can envisage . Continuing forty years of development, the F1 Fractal™ speaker cable is Townshend’s first new speaker cable in fourteen years

Townshend Audio Maximum Supertweeters

Listen and be amazed. Your speakers could quite possibly perform far far better with these little additions. Priced per pair in silver or black.

Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation Pods

  • Eliminates structure-borne feedback between speaker and vibration sensitive equipment.
  • Enhances clarity throughout the whole frequency range.
  • Improves bass definition.
  • Produces a wider and deeper sound stage.
  • Sold individually
  • Weight loading quoted is PER POD

Townshend Audio Seismic Speaker Bars

The hidden secret of the hi-fi industry, your floorstanding loudspeakers will thank you for it! Please feel free to look at the UK earthquakes taking place right now here. We are using these ourselves, they are astonishingly effective. A review is here. Jason Kennedy review in HiFi+ magazine here THE PRICES QUOTED ARE FOR 4 BARS TO ACCOMODATE 1 PAIR OF SPEAKERS VIDEO HERE OF HOW THEY WORK

Townshend Fractal F1 Loudspeaker Cables

If you have the funds available this is the last speaker cable you will ever need to own. This comment is based on our own listening experience with this cable. We have a pair for anyone to listen to in our dedicated auditioning suites. Review here.

Townshend Seismic Isolation Platform

Seismic Vibration Isolation Platform
Especially designed to isolate individual components such as CD players, turntables, DACs, preamplifiers, power amplifiers and streamers from vibration.