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Tonar 5972 Pure Cork Turntable Mat

  • Premium mat made from natural cork.
  • Diameter 295 mm.
  • Thickness 3 mm.

Tonar 5972 Pure Cork Turntable Mat OFFER

  • Premium mat made from natural cork.
  • Diameter 295 mm.
  • Thickness 3 mm.

Tonar 5988 – Pure Rubber Turntable Mat

Mats Matter
Rubber Turntable Mat (diameter: 298 mm).
In some cases the original rubber mat on the record player has become very dirty or even has chemically decomposed. Tonar now offers a fresh newly made rubber turntable mat to replace the old one.

Tonar Cartridge Alignment Protractor

This cartridge alignment protector allows the proper setting of the cartridge offset and overhang.

Tonar Nostatic Arm

  • Cleans records as you play.
  • Eliminates static build-up.

Tonar StylusTimer

A turntable without a StylusTimer is like a car without a Speedo!
Turntable phono cartridges have a stylus that should be replaced after every 1000 hours of use, sometimes even sooner, depending on the cartridge. A worn stylus degrades sound quality and can damage your valuable record collection. Unfortunately, most turntable owners have no idea how much time is actually on their stylus, especially as the months and years go by. Now you can track stylus usage easily and precisely with StylusTimer, a unique chronograph designed for use with turntables.

Tonar Trackurate Digital Stylus Pressure Gauge (black)

Getting the most out of any turntable requires an accurate vertical tracking force setting-and yes, kids, you can easily hear changes as slight as a tenth of a gram. it is small, has a backlit display, is incredibly easy to use.