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Funk Firm Achromat Turntable Mat

Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • The mat by which all others are judged
  • 10 years old and still No.1
  • 3mm, 5mm + technics version
  • Also fits Garrard 401/301
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Funk Firm Headshell for Houdini Decoupler

  • Raised profile for use with Houdini
  • Houdini not included
  • Buy headshell and Houdini save £20
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Funk Firm Houdini Decoupler

Heresy, or, is this actually the next step in Analog?
Funk introduces Houdini. Derived from AK1, Arthur's statement arm, Houdini is a decoupler with high dynamic stability. A decoupler? Three years of analysis and modelling showed that "best practise" of firmly bolting cartridge-to-arm is completely wrong. With arm and cartridge "as-one", each time you change the arm, the sound changes. Thus, all arms influence the cartridge. We can't ever win...and certainly to date we haven't. (That being the case, then using 3 bolts is even worse) If only we could remove the arm's effects and support the cartridge correctly, that would leave only the sound of the cartridge. How? Enter Houdini. In its tiny volume just 6mm deep is a patented suspension system plus a "torsion-tether". The result? Unparalleled isolation. With Houdini "The problem you never knew you had" disappears. Houdini has actually freed the genie. Download Instructions and setup guide Hi-Fi+ Review Click Here to read Testimonials
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Funk Firm Spin Bearing and Strata Platter for Technics SL1200

Here’s the problem:
To create a stable, wide diameter support for the record, that doesn’t move. Conventionally platters have either thickness or a sizeable edge. The trouble is the standard 1200 / 1210 series platters lack both! We are effectively left with a disc, severe ringing is the natural consequence. (For proof we need only examine the original metal offering: Place a finger through a hole, tap it gently and “feel” the edge. The all too familiar uncontrolled, vibrating “Klong” confirms the problem: The edge is moving.) One can try changing material: Glass…ceramics…plastics. In all cases, tap the edge and you can still actually feel movement. …And if you can feel it, the stylus can read it. It turns out that this is in fact a difficult problem to solve.
A creative solution was needed:
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