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Ex-Dem Tellurium Q Statement Loudspeaker Cables

Original price was: £11,064.00.Current price is: £6,000.00.
  • 1 pair ex-dem with locking banana plugs
  • 3 metre stereo pair
  • Mk 1 Statement Speaker Cable

Ex-Dem Tellurium Q Statement RCA Interconnects

Original price was: £4,320.00.Current price is: £3,600.00.
  • 1 pair ex-dem
  • mint condition
  • 1 metre pair

Tellurium Q Black Diamond Digital Streaming Cable

The New High performance Digital Streaming cable announced by Tellurium Q. This cable was announced to just a few distributors and already there is only limited first run stock remaining. We have been taken by surprise by the overwhelming response and feedback we are getting. Bringing better detail and a more natural sound than you might expect, performing as it does at the Black Diamond level.

Tellurium Q Black Diamond DIN Cable

  • High performance DIN cable
  • Tellurium Q beat the odds to create this high quality product

Tellurium Q Black Diamond Jumper Cables

  • Jumper cables for bi-wired speakers
  • These are Tellurium Q Black Diamond
  • Spades one end z-plugs other end
  • Supplied as a pair for 2 speakers

Tellurium Q Black Diamond RCA Interconnect Cables

  • Range topping cables
  • The reference RCA cable
  • Sealed with an anti micro-phony compound

Tellurium Q Black Diamond RCA Phono Cables for Turntables

  • Reference level RCA Phono Cables
  • Construction has the earth link buried in the main body of the cable
  • Sound quality on par with the rest of the Black Diamond range

Tellurium Q Black Diamond Speaker Cables

  • TQ's Best Cables
  • Demo Sets In Stock
  • Surpasses Graphites

Tellurium Q Black Diamond XLR Cables

  • New Design
  • Reference level XLR cable
  • Most natural sounding cable, using the TeCu connector

Tellurium Q Black II 5 Pin Din to 5 Pin Din Audio Interconnect

The original Black cables series by Tellurium Q were a multi-award-winning range, but Tellurium decided that to overhaul the whole series. The result is the Black II range, an upgrade on what were already exceptional cables, but delivered at the same price as the previous generation. This product is the new version of the Black 5 Pin Din to 5 Pin Din cable. It has been created specifically with Naim systems in mind, and has received rave reviews from existing and new Naim owners.

Tellurium Q Black II DIN Interconnect Cable for NAIM

  • Developed with 5 pin DIN cable for customer with NAIM
  • Incredible upgrade for your system
  • Pay less and get more

Tellurium Q Black II Power Cable

  • Available with UK | EU Schuko | USA mains plugs
The old version of the Black II was a good cable and indeed won awards but by comparison the old Black sounded “clumsy” compared to this new version Black II which is far more refined, on point musically and more in keeping with our research over the last 5 years. Looking very similar externally, the difference is apparent when you plug it into your system.
Standard length 1.5m