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Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Series Excite 1.5m Mains Lead

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Atmosphere X Series Power Cable - EXCITE (Level 2) 1.5m
We set the bar high with Excite X to exceed the performance of all previous Synergistic Research AC cords with Active Shielding powered by an outboard MPC power-supply. The goal was to reduce complexity while significantly raising performance at a much lower cost, and we succeeded without the messy MPC power supplies! To reach our goal we treated all conductors, wall and IEC connectors, as well as the internal power supply with our award-winning Blue Fuse treatment process. The new internal DC power supply biases the Copper Matrix, Tricon and Silver/Tungsten “Air String” geometries and shields for a dramatic lowering of your systems noise floor for increased dynamics and effortless detail without listening fatigue. Atmosphere X Excite Power Cables are the first Active Shielded power cords in the Atmosphere X line up sharing performance and design elements with Galileo SX including UEF Matrix Shielding. Atmosphere X Excite delivers a significant portion of what you get with Galileo SX and is perfect for the experienced audiophile seeking maximum performance at a price that won’t break the bank.

Synergistic Research BLACK 20mm Internal Fuse – Half Price

Its only a fuse right? The new BLACK fuse is now available from MCRU.

Synergistic Research BLACK Internal 32mm Fuses


Synergistic Research BLUE Quantum Fuse 32mm HALF PRICE

The new SR BLUE Quantum Fuse was developed over a two year period and represents our most advanced UEF Technology to date.

Synergistic Research FOUNDATION Ethernet Cable – 1m

Original price was: £150.00.Current price is: £100.00.
Synergistic Research FOUNDATION Ethernet Cable - 1m
Foundation Ethernet borrows core technology from other Foundation Series cables plus newly developed technologies first developed for our flagship Galileo SX Active Ground Block and HDSX Ground Cables. From the Galileo Ground Block, we adapted the same UEF compound for a lower noise floor with increased holographic realism compared to other Foundation Series cables. We then apply the same 3-Stage High Voltage Process first developed for our new HDSX Ground Cables to increase resolution and musicality, two traits that are often exclusive where you can have one at the expense of the other. Audition Foundation Ethernet cables in your system risk-free and discover first hand the dramatic benefit of a perfectly voiced digital cable guaranteed to improve all aspects of your system’s performance or your money back.

Synergistic Research HFT X – High Frequency Transducer – Box of 3

The Powerful HFT-X evolved from the desire to augment the already stunning sonic qualities of the original HFTs. You can raise the level of your systems performance in terms of detail and fine resolution and take the music out of your speakers by adding HFT-X to your rig. See set up guide.
HFT 2.0 Placement Guide HFT Speaker Placement Guide

Synergistic Research Master UK Mains Plug Fuse


The one fuse to rule them all.

Master Fuse is an entirely new kind of Fuse: the first Synergistic Research fuse developed expressly for full resolution, dynamics, soundstaging, speed, and impact without the need to create musicality as a system-wide fuse loom. Instead, we engineered Master Fuse to work alongside Purple and Orange fuses to create dramatic new levels of sonic realism, featuring wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling soundstaging with unparalleled resolution, dynamics, and frequency extension.

Synergistic Research Mig SX Isolation Footers

Synergistic Research MiG SX footers are an evolution of their original MiG footers developed in 2008. Synergistic Research started with a new specially tuned MiG resonator forged from high carbon steel and add a precision-machined Aircraft Aluminum and Carbon Fibre three-piece chassis engineered to distribute vibration through a special tuning disc and a UEF tuning element into Carbon Tungsten ball bearings. For a bespoke match to your system, MiG SX has two placement options that re-tunes your component’s resonance; choose between Ambient and PinPoint configurations and pick the option that best suits your system on a component by component basis.

Synergistic Research Orange Quantum 20mm Fuse Half Price Offer

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Synergistic Research Orange Quantum 32mm Fuse Half Price Offer

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Synergistic Research Pink Quantum UK Mains Plug Fuse

The new PINK Fuse infuses your music with realistic warmth, added resolution and dynamics, plus the lowest noise floor ever. Designed as a totally new generation fuse that maintains the Purple Fuse’s musical warmth but with added resolution and dynamics, combined with enhanced musicality without sounding artificially warm or coloured, with, or without, Master Fuses also in the mix. 

Synergistic Research Purple Quantum 20mm and 32mm Internal Fuse Clearance

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