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Bach Cello Suites – PS Audio Gold SACD

""Stunning!" The six unaccompanied cello suites are a cornerstone of the classical cello repertoire.”

Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent Record Cleaning Machine

Clearaudio’s ‘Matrix’ record cleaners have long been renowned for their gentle yet highly effective vacuum cleaning capabilities. Shhh… the new Smart Matrix Silent is the quietly elegant, and impressively user-friendly, successor to the brand’s earlier Smart Matrix Professional modEL. Please check with us about availability before ordering.  

Don Grusin – Out of Thin Air – PS Audio 180G Collectors Vinyl

Just released. A limited-edition, individually numbered, 180-gram collector’s vinyl. These won’t be around long.
An original recording from piano master Don Grusin. It’s a sonic stunner. Nothing short of amazing, both musically and sonically.

FoxFeather The Nature of Things – PS Audio Gold SACD

"Carly Ricks Smith’s voice is unforgettable, a wonderful cross between the folky soprano of a young Joni Mitchell and the jazz-heavy range of Lake Street Dive’s Rachel Price.”

Gabriel Mervine – Say Somethin’ PS Audio Gold 180g Vinyl

Just released. A limited-edition, individually numbered, 180-gram collector’s vinyl. These won’t be around long.

PS Audio – Airlens Network Music Streamer

The AirLens™ interface brings perfection to streaming
Streaming audio via Roon or other services like Qobuz, Tidal, and Spotify offers millions of titles at the touch of a finger. Unfortunately, connecting your sensitive DAC to the noise generated by computers, routers, NAS, local networks, and modems via either WiFi or Ethernet cable is not a great-sounding solution to bringing high-performance audio into your listening environment. The PS Audio AirLens™ completely eliminates the problems of noise, jitter, and EMI influences through complete galvanic isolation and perfect reclocking of the digital audio signal. You’ve not yet heard how great streaming can sound until you experience audio through the AirLens.

PS Audio – The Audiophile’s Guide and SACD

The ultimate audiophile reference setup music disc and book
A perfect companion for Paul McGowan's book, The Audiophile's Guide: The Stereo, unlocking the secrets to great sound. On the disc and vinyl you'll find channel and polarity checks, depth adjustment tracks, center imaging perfection, soundstaging, tuning the bottom end, a burn-in track, and adjusting for small, medium and large groups of musicians. From subtle to fireworks, it's all here in the one remarkable Audiophile Master. Couple this disc with Paul's book (see below) and together you'll upgrade your system to new sonic heights you never thought possible.

PS Audio BHK 300 Signature Mono Amplifiers

The BHK Signature 250 and 300 power amplifiers are the culmination of one man’s half-century search for perfection in music’s reproduction. Bascom H. King has designed amplifiers for many companies, some selling in excess of $100,000, including: Constellation Audio, Marantz, Infinity, and Conrad Johnson. This is the first amplifier Bascom felt was good enough to lend his name to. It is his finest achievement in a lifetime of work. Available in both stereo and mono models, the BHK Signature series is unparalleled in its ability to render details formerly lost in the music. The BHK Signature is a hybrid design enjoying performance benefits from multiple design techniques including, a balanced differential vacuum tube input, balanced differential MOSFET power outputs, and separate, isolated, analog power supplies feeding each.


The BHK Signature 250 stereo amplifier, and the BHK Signature 300 Mono Amplifier embody one man’s life’s work and passion in the art of amplification. That these monuments to music can be offered to music lovers for less than £50,000 each is a testament to the years of experience invested in their design; that they are significantly less than £10,000 is a miracle.

PS Audio BHK Signature Pre-Amplifier

Designed by Bascom H. King, the BHK Signature distills Bascom’s 50 plus years of high-end audio design experience into a single masterpiece of audio amplification. “This is the best sounding preamplifier I have ever designed or heard,” and that’s saying a lot for a man of Bascom’s experience.

PS Audio Dectet Power Center

  • 10 way extension block
  • Each outlet hand wired
  • Star earthed
  • Requires a mains lead