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Lindemann Limetree Bridge II

Lindemann Limetree Bridge II The Limetree BRIDGE II is a high-quality network adapter designed to transfer music from streaming services and local storage media digitally in studio master quality to existing D/A converters or other devices with digital inputs. This makes it possible to upgrade an existing hi-fi system with streaming for little money. Here we would like to address owners of older LINDEMANN devices such as the 820S or the 825, but of course all other customers with a converter or a CD player with a digital input as well. For this purpose the Limetree BRIDGE II is simply connected with the network by means of a LAN cable or via WLAN. It has also a USB port for connecting hard disks or USB storage media. There is an optical and a coaxial digital output. A professional studio engineering sample rate converter makes sure that all streamed formats can be played back on an existing converter without major losses in sound quality.

Linear Power Supply for Lindemann Limetree Phono

  • Regulated linear power supply
  • 5V DC output
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Award winning design