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Larsen Model 4.2 Loudspeakers

All Larsen speakers are designed to be used in corners. The usual caveats associated with conventional speaker designs do not apply. Even though the Larsen 4 is our smallest model, it is still built and designed on the same principles as our top model, the Larsen 8. Despite its relative small dimensions the Larsen 4 creates a deep and precise bass all the way down to 28 hz, an impresses mid-range, topped by of a transparent tweeter, playing well beyond its physical dimensions.
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Larsen Model 6.2 Loudspeakers

The Larsen 6 is designed and built on the same principles as our current top model the Larsen 8.
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Larsen Model 8 Loudspeakers

The Larsen 8 outperforms our smaller models in every aspect. The Larsen 8 is designed to stand flush against the wall. This placement, combined with the unique positioning and angle of the drivers, flanked by absorption material, creates a rich and deep three-dimensional soundstage with a wide listening area. Review of the Larsen 8 in Absolute Sounds and in Positive Feedback
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