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Clearaudio Concept MC Turntable Package

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Clearaudio Diamond Stylus Brush

Original price was: £20.00.Current price is: £17.00.
Dry or wet cleaning brush for your stylus. The ideal complement for any stylus care system.

Clearaudio Double Matrix SONIC record cleaning machine

The Sonic refers to a sonic option, in which sonic vibrations enable deep cleaning while being gentle and almost noisefree. Variable speed operation and static electricity removal as part of the cleaning process ensure perfect results. The cleaning of vinyl records is a key discipline in maintaining a high quality record collection and Clearaudio’s research and development team continue to strive for the perfect equipment for the job. The Double Matrix Professional Sonic is our best solution yet. Like a camera with dual automatic and manual functions, the Double Matrix Professional Sonic offers the possibility of operating the whole cleaning process at the touch of a single button, as well as the ability to control each step in the process with a user-friendly operating panel. The cleaning head automatically adapts to records of different diameters and thicknesses, and the microfiber cleaning strips are effortless to change. An LED light indicates the cleaning fluid level in the internal tank and, as an additional precaution, the suction turbine features overheating protection. Made from high quality and heavy-duty materials, the Double Matrix Professional Sonic is designed for continuous operation, so that traders can clean complete record collections. And yet it is incredibly easy to use and maintain.  

Clearaudio Elixir of Sound Stylus Cleaner

Original price was: £30.00.Current price is: £25.50.
The ideal complement for any stylus care system. Stylus cleaning fluid including applicator brush efficiently removes dirt and dust.

Clearaudio Pure Groove Micro-fibre Wet Record Cleaning Brush

Original price was: £20.00.Current price is: £17.00.
For fluid / wet based record cleaning The Clearaudio Pure Groove is a record cleaning brush with extremely fine microfibre bristles, ideally suited for wet cleaning of records. Featured with the Clearaudio Matrix record cleaning machine.

Clearaudio Smart Stylus Tracking Force Gauge

Original price was: £30.00.Current price is: £25.50.


Clearaudio’s Smart Stylus Force Gauge provides an easy, accurate, and inexpensive way to set up your cartridge accurately. No AC power or batteries are required for this ingenious method. Boasting 1.5 g to 3.5 g accuracy, the Gauge works by measuring the ‘flex’ of your stylus when you set your tonearm down on top of the printed scale.  


Original price was: £60.00.Current price is: £51.00.
The Trackabillity provides information on the sampling characteristics of your tonearm / cartridge combination. The higher the value achieved, the better the relevant tonearm / cartridge combination is to scan difficult groove modulations without distortion. Amplitude accurancy +- 0.1 dB

Media: 180 g Vinyl


Clearaudio Turntable and Bearing Oil 5ml

Original price was: £35.00.Current price is: £29.75.
Full-synthetic, ultra low friction, improves any turntable and motor bearing

Clearaudio Turntable Level Gauge – Basic Version

Original price was: £20.00.Current price is: £17.00.
When all your equipment is level, vibration is reduced and performance enhanced. If your turntable platter is not perfectly level it will affect the way the stylus sits in the groove, causing channel imbalance and possibly uneven wear to both the record and the stylus.