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AMR Audio – AM-777 SE Amplifier


AMR Audio - AM-777 SE Pre-Main Amplifier - Pre-owned

Music is emotion.
From the first note to the last, music should move you. If it doesn’t, then get ready for the AM-777 to rock your world.
Stirring sounds.
It’s predecessor, the AM-77, was a real game-changer for amplifiers, but the AM-777 goes one step further by producing music that stirs your emotions. Vocals are elevated and instruments are separated to produce first class musicality. And the AM-777 achieves this by injecting:
  • speed
  • rhythm
  • life
into every vocal and instrument, allowing you to enjoy music ‘live’ in your own home.
You got the look.
With it’s brushed aluminium chassis, the AM-777 doesn’t only sound high-quality, it looks it too, which means not only will your music sound good, it will also look good. Outperforming larger and more expensive separates, LUMIN M1 shouldn't be dismissed as a second system. With 60W of amplifying power it can drive room-filling speakers and has the same musical heart as every other LUMIN music player.

AMR Gold Plated Internal Fuses

  • Gold Plated Fuses
  • 20mm x 5mm
  • For inside equipment