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Jazz at the Pawnshop Deluxe Edition 200g 2xHD Audiophile Vinyl 2LP

Jazz at the Pawnshop is a multi-session recording made by Swedish sound engineer Gert Palmcrantz on December 6-7, 1976, at Jazzpuben Stampen (Pawnshop) in Stockholm, Sweden. A pawnshop had operated on the site prior to the jazz club. Proprius Records founder Jacob Boethius produced the album, and it has been issued several times under multiple labels and formats. The album is regarded by many audiophiles as one of the best jazz recordings of the 20th Century. The recording features Arne Domnérus (alto sax, clarinet), Bengt Hallberg (piano), Lars Erstrand (vibes), Georg Riedel (bass), and Egil Johansen (drums).