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Dave Brubeck Quartet – Debut In The Netherlands 1958 – The Lost Recordings 2LP 180g Vinyl

With the support of the American State Department, the Dave Brubeck Quartet, including new members Joe Morello and Eugene Wright, began a major tour of Europe early in 1958. Their first concert in the Netherlands was held on 26 February in the legendary Concertgebouw Hall in Amsterdam, usually reserved for performances of classical music. Since 1951 and the collaboration between Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond, the band had gained a stunning reputation. In 1954, Dave Brubeck was featured on the cover of Time magazine. Rumor has it that Duke Ellington knocked on Brubeck’s hotel door to congratulate him. Brubeck is said to have responded, “It should have been you.” He dedicated one of his most famous pieces, “The Duke”, included on this album, to his fellow pianist.

Dizzy Gillespie Live At Singer Concert Hall 1973 – The Lost Recordings 180g Vinyl

For Dizzy everything starts and ends with laughter. In the meantime, all paths are possible. That of melancholy, of dance or of political commitment… Dizzy is everywhere at once, always elusive, he is this explorer who, after having been one of the founders of Bebop in the 40’s, will never stop experimenting, surprising and pushing back the borders.

Erroll Garner – The Unreleased Berlin Studio Recording 1967 – The Lost Recordings 45rpm 180g Vinyl

Erroll Garner - A heavenly sense of magic Erroll Garner was revered by both his peers, who ranked him among the foremost of the purest, most spontaneous geniuses that jazz has ever given us, and the general public, who intuitively recognized him as one of the magicians of the golden age, along with Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald, whose gifts could transform the suffering and humiliation of Afro-American life into the rhythm and outpouring of joy rather than anger and resentment. Forty-five years after his death, Garner, with his dazzling style that made such a radical break from existing trends, remains an enigma in the history of twentieth-century popular music. He is still unique and cannot be pinned down.

Philip Catherine & Nicolas Fiszman Live At The Berlin Jazzbühne Festival 1982 – The Lost Recordings 180g Vinyl

We are privileged to have unearthed this unique concert where two outstanding artists bring together two cultures to create an intense blaze of happiness.