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Tellurium Q Black II Power Cable

  • Available with UK | EU Schuko | USA mains plugs
The old version of the Black II was a good cable and indeed won awards but by comparison the old Black sounded “clumsy” compared to this new version Black II which is far more refined, on point musically and more in keeping with our research over the last 5 years. Looking very similar externally, the difference is apparent when you plug it into your system.
Standard length 1.5m

Tellurium Q Black II RCA Cable

The Black RCA is thought of very highly by people who try it:
“Nowhere “Nowhere does the music sound sharp or thin, but very open, transparent, defined. Everything sounds completely balanced. The sound is completely separate from the speakers and we feel as if we ourselves were present at the shooting. The original setting is left untouched and had only experienced by some in this group test such a commitment. So pure, so much momentum and so much peace. This is for us very close to the perfect interlink.”
– Harro Tillema, Alpha-Audio

Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cables

So why Black II? Despite Black winning multiple awards, surprising owners with it’s performance and more people than ever choosing to use it in their systems? We have been learning and developing, especially in the last few years and have come up with a way to make this little gem even better. The only thing to do was to give it to our customers. Switch Black for Black II and it is completely obvious which is which. Once you hear the difference, it is also completely obvious why we felt compelled to upgrade Black in the way that we have. We think you will get more from your music and hope that you love Black II as much as we do.

Tellurium Q Black Power Cable

  • Star performer accross all HiFi equipment
  • Available with UK | Schuko | AUS or USA mains plugs and C15 | C19 IEC
  • Sold as a 1.5 metre length

Tellurium Q Black RCA Interconnects

  • Hi-Fi World '5 Globe' award-winner
  • Sealed with an anti micro-phony compound
  • Enhances silent background in your system

Tellurium Q Black RCA Phono Interconnects for Turntables

  • A variation of TQ’s much-praised Black Interconnect
  • Designed specifically for use with turntables with RCA sockets
  • Metre long cable

Tellurium Q Blue Diamond Speaker Cable

  • New and improved version of the Green cable
  • Best suited to slightly brighter systems
  • Refined burn in time, consistent high performance

Tellurium Q Blue II Loudspeaker Cables

  • Free burn in
  • Free terminations
  • Z-plugs or spades

Tellurium Q Blue II RCA Interconnects

  • New and reinvented Tellurium Q Blue Interconnect
  • New version entry level RCA
  • Sold from stock in 1 metre lengths or supplied to order in longer lengths

Tellurium Q Blue Speaker Cable, 3 Metre Pair

  • Tellurium Q’s entry level speaker cable
  • Entry level cable to accompany the Tellurium Q Black
  • In stock for immediate delivery

Tellurium Q Blue USB Cable Offer

  • 1 only to clear x 1 metre MKI design
  • Award winning design USB cable
  • The baby brother of the Black USB
  • High digital performance

Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Speaker Cables

Even taking in account all the awards that the old Ultra Black speaker cable won, this new version gives a whole new level of performance that is obvious from the first second of listening. Greater detail, more clarity, more organic but still sitting very firmly in the Black cable family.
Priced as a stereo pair
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