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Sorane SA-1.2 tonearm

All Sorane tonearms come with high quality cable, 5 pin (SME type) to RCA. The detachable headshells are black.
Unique design, unique sound, unique value for money high quality tonearm.
The sound of the Sorane SA-1.2 tonearm is quite unique, due to its ridged design and construction, the main arm component is engineered from one billet of aluminum and assembled with great precision and care. There is virtually none of the resonance associated with S-shaped arms and far more strength plus lower 'critical' resonances than virtually all straight arms. Download Brochure.

Sorane TA-1L tonearm

12" long gimbal-type bearing design tonearm for excellent bass, dynamics and imaging A successful tonearm must have the sensitivity and stability to retrieve low-level signals and the quality of the bearings (such as used in the TA tonearms) is paramount. Whilst tonearm mass and cartridge compliance set the low frequency resonance point, high quality bearings must be used that allow the arm to follow the advance of the groove, to navigate the vinyl groove without grabbing/resistance/noise generation.

Sorane ZA12 Transcription Tonearm

ZA12 - The purist 12" transcription tone-arm.
The NEW ZA12 Transcription Arm takes the strengths of the Sorane SA1.2 tonearm (already recognized as a Class A component) and marry these strengths into a purist 'no compromise' purist tonearm, with a fair price.