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Reed – Muse 3C Turntable

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After more than three years idea-crunching and countless man hours of CADing, prototyping, programming and real-life testing, we built our first commercially available turntable – Reed Muse 3C. Is it somehow unique? Well, yes! Whether you are fan of friction-driven turntables (the famous Garrard is made that way), or if you think that the right way to build turntables is to use a pair of motors and a belt, Reed Muse 3C should catch your eye.
Thanks to its unique and innovative design, you can convert friction-driven turntable to a belt-driven machine in 5 minutes.

Reed 3P Tonearm

User manual here. Available in 9.5", 10.5" and 12"  

Reed Muse 3C Turntable With 3P Tone Arm

Original price was: £24,000.00.Current price is: £15,000.00.
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Price when new approx. £24,000