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Phasemation CA-1000 Pre Amplifier (3 Units)

Functions required for a control amplifier (pre-amplifier) are to select a signal source, to adjust the volume, and to transmit a music signal for a power amplifier. Phasemation’s CA-1000 is an outstanding control pre-amplifier consisting of 3  units with high performance and high quality of sound due to adopting the mono structure consisting of separated two units, left and right, and the circuit using a tube for the signal processing section. The most important section of the audio playing equipment is the volume adjustment adopting a hybrid attenuator (Phasemation’s own patent technology) and the relay switching method (not using a rotary switch) utilizing the control technology acquired through extensive measurements and testing. As a result, you can feel the overwhelming liveliness, the re-creation of vista-ed stage, and a rich musicality to the point you are no longer aware of the presence of the amplifier.

Phasemation CM-2000 Passive Control Amplifier

A hybrid passive attenuator for a balanced input/output of an innovated volume control mechanism that is improved even more draws out the music’s reality and the artist’s passion