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DS Audio PS-001 Phono Cable

Phono cable optimised for optical cartridges
The highest quality construction throughout When using an MM or MC cartridge, the cold side of the phono cable serves only as a ground. In the case of optical cartridges however the cold side is used to supply power from the equalizer to the cartridge. Therefore, in such an application, the cold side of the cable is just as important as the signal carrying hot line. The PH-001 features identical materials and construction on both the hot and cold sides ensuring that the power supply is kept stable.

Furutech Silver Arrows Pure Silver Phono Cable

The Silver Arrows Pure Silver Phono Cable achieves its remarkably quiet soundstage and transparent presentation with pure silver conductors, four-layer shielding and external ground wire, even a specially engineered cable clamp included to improve grip and avoid any potential distortion.