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Phil Collins – Face Value – Analogue Productions 180g 45RPM 2LP Vinyl

The 5x platinum-selling album in the U.S., Face Value, was the debut solo album released by Genesis drummer and singer-songwriter Phil Collins, released in February 1981 by Virgin Records. The album was recorded from mid-1980 to early 1981 with Collins and Hugh Padgham as producers. Additional musicians include the Phenix Horns, Alphonso Johnson, and Eric Clapton.

Phil Collins – Hello I Must Be Going! – Analogue Productions Atlantic 75 Series 45 rpm 180g Vinyl

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On his first solo album, 1981’s Face Value, Genesis drummer-singer Phil Collins showed that he wasn’t about to be left behind in the mire of classical-rock sludge. That LP boasted shorter songs and demonstrated that Collins had a true pop sensibility. Hello, I Must Be Going!continues that trend, with some familiar patterns emerging, wrote Rolling Stone‘s John Milward.