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Nirvana – Live in Rome 1994 – Marbled Vinyl

  • Limited to 300 copies
  • Housed in Gatefold Pasted Hardboard Sleeve.
  • Random Marbled Vinyl
  • Label: Radio Sound Broadcast
Just go back 22 years, in February 1994. Destination Rome, Via Appia, Marino ice rink. On stage, after the Melvins, Nirvana are expected and arrived in Italy the day before on the occasion of the concert in Modena. The band is at it's peak of success: with three albums they entered the history of Rock by right, bringing with them the label of the founders of the Grunge genre. It is not the first time that the Seattle Band arrives in the capital: it is in fact the third Roman Concert for Nirvana , after the first in 1989 at the Piper Club when they were still American boys looking for glory. In 1991 they returned to Rome to play at the Castello di Roma Theatre, a few stepsjiom the Vatican. By 1994 the band is an internationally successful group but that concert did not turn out to be up to par and anticipated the downward trend that would soon coincide with the disappearance (suicide or murder) of Kurt Cobain.