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MCRU “The First” Mains Power Lead

MCRU introduce "The First" mains power lead. HiFi Pig review.
HiFi + review The First is thus named because it should be the 1st cable in your hifi system and start at the beginning of the powering of it.
The most important cable in any hifi system is the one powering your mains conditioner / regenerator/extension block (if it has a dedicated iec inlet) from the mains wall socket. In order to get the best possible sound quality from any hifi system The First mains power cable should be used as it will provide the best possible mains feed to your chosen conditioner/extension block. The First is available with various terminations to suit your chosen budget, the cable and shielding/screening is the same throughout the range.
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MCRU Acrolink 7N-PC4030 SE Mains Power Cord

Professionally constructed in our Yorkshire workshops, the cable used is the Acrolink PC-4030 Leggenda using 7N purity copper.
Terminations are from Oyaide of Japan, P046E Schuko plug and matching C046 IEC connector, top quality and performance guaranteed.
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MCRU Audio Grade Gold Plated Schuko Mains Plug

  • Gold plated over copper EU Schuko mains plug.
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MCRU Audiophile Mains Power Lead – Furutech FP-TCS21

£255.00 £175.00
MCRU Audiophile Mains Power Lead
MCRU offcuts power leads, we have end of reel/offcuts of mains cable on a regular basis, we have begun to construct these into high end power leads to offer our customers top performance at a bargain price.
This model uses Furutech FP-TCS21 triple C copper with active earth shield terminated with Neotech's high end IEC connector and Schuko plug both rhodium plated.
The power lead is 0.9 metres long.
Was £255 now £175
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MCRU NO. 27 Mains Power Lead

Rated 5.00 out of 5
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MCRU NWAS Mains Power Lead.

A limited edition (only 30 made) MCRU mains power lead from the North West Audio Show.
Constructed using IsoTek Systems Initium power cable terminated with a schurter german IEC connector and a standard UK mains plug fitted with a silver plated 13A bussmann fuse.
The mains lead is 1 metre long no other lengths available.
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MCRU Pinnacle Digital Cable

The MCRU Pinnacle Digital Cable
As one of the UK's leading cable makers MCRU know a thing or two about what makes a good wire! We have heard 100's of different designs and our research and development is relentless in the quest to make the best sounding cables we can. The Pinnacle range is our idea of the best sounding cables based on 30+ years experience listening to music in the home. We use the best available materials in our search for the finest performance possible from your hi-fi system.
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MCRU Pinnacle Loudspeaker Cables

  • Based on 30+ years experience
  • Our best speaker cables
  • This is not just "another" speaker cable
  • Get one step closer to the live sound
The MCRU Pinnacle Loudspeaker Cable is our latest creation for audiophiles who want the best. Cable doubters and internet trolls look away, we make some of the best mains leads in the industry, proven by returning customers and countless positive feedbacks.
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MCRU USA Mains Power Plug

MCRU Ref. USA Mains Power Plug
This is a deoxit treated mains power plug usa nema plug.
Accepts a wide diameter cable excellent for DIY power cords.
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MCRU V-Blox Cable Isolation Supports

The MCRU V-Blox are made in the UK and can be used to support loudspeaker cables, interconnects and mains leads, we have trialled them ourselves extensively.
The V-Blox are sold individually, the dimensions are 38mm square.
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Slic Innovations Eclipse C Digital Cable

MCRU are the exclusive dealer for an interconnect that can only be described as the nearest thing to having no cable in your system. The Slic Innovations "Eclipse C" will both shock and astound in equal measures, you will not believe what you are hearing.
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The MCRU NNC Mains Lead

Developed using our 30+ years expertise listening to various cable configurations MCRU introduce the cable with no name (No Name Cable).
Professionally constructed in our Yorkshire workshops.
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