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MCRU No.30 DIY Mains Power Lead Set

With the vast amount of wireless products being used in our homes (wireless internet uses radio waves for the signal) its more important than ever to prevent RFI (radio frequency interference) from harming the sound quality of your hifi system. Radio waves travel down the wires if they are un-shielded and inject interference into the electronics, easily preventable by using well shielded and screened cables. Particularly mains cables, so help is at hand from MCRU. We introduce the No. 30 mains lead set (DIY) which uses shielded and screened cable using a separate drain wire and foil shielding, proven to combat the effects of RFI and make your system sound better. The set has 1.5 metres of cable and our reference silver plated UK mains plug and IEC connector. Silver is the best conductor of electrons known to man, silver plating improves conductivity. There is nothing more satisfying for audiophiles than to construct your own cable and listen to the improvements by using it. The No.30 DIY set is available with USA/AUS/EU mains plugs on request and longer cable lengths can be supplied if required.