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MCRU Acrolink 7N-PC4030 SE Mains Power Cord

Professionally constructed in our Yorkshire workshops, the cable used is the Acrolink PC-4030 Leggenda using 7N purity copper.
Terminations are from Oyaide of Japan, P046E Schuko plug and matching C046 IEC connector, top quality and performance guaranteed.

MCRU NNC MK2 Mains Power Lead

The new design of NNC (no name cable) utilizes the very best materials and our own unique construction techniques to offer one of the very best performing power leads for sensible outlay.
Available with a choice of 4 different configurations so you can make the best sonic match with your existing leads and equipment.
Can handle any load from small DAC's to huge power amplifiers, mains conditioners and regenerators.
Standard length is 1.5 metres, extra cable is £50 per 1/2 metre

Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Series Excite 1.5m Mains Lead

Atmosphere X Series Power Cable - EXCITE (Level 2) 1.5m
We set the bar high with Excite X to exceed the performance of all previous Synergistic Research AC cords with Active Shielding powered by an outboard MPC power-supply. The goal was to reduce complexity while significantly raising performance at a much lower cost, and we succeeded without the messy MPC power supplies! To reach our goal we treated all conductors, wall and IEC connectors, as well as the internal power supply with our award-winning Blue Fuse treatment process. The new internal DC power supply biases the Copper Matrix, Tricon and Silver/Tungsten “Air String” geometries and shields for a dramatic lowering of your systems noise floor for increased dynamics and effortless detail without listening fatigue. Atmosphere X Excite Power Cables are the first Active Shielded power cords in the Atmosphere X line up sharing performance and design elements with Galileo SX including UEF Matrix Shielding. Atmosphere X Excite delivers a significant portion of what you get with Galileo SX and is perfect for the experienced audiophile seeking maximum performance at a price that won’t break the bank.

The MCRU NNC Mains Lead

Developed using our 30+ years expertise listening to various cable configurations MCRU introduce the cable with no name (No Name Cable).
Professionally constructed in our Yorkshire workshops.