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Alpha Wire 1943 Audiophile Grade Mains Cable for DIY

Alpha Wire is a division of Belden USA who are one of the world's largest manufacturers of signal cables. The 1943 model is a foil screened mains power cable with earth drain wire for DIY mains power leads and mains extension blocks. It is the same spec. as Belden 19364. The design of the 1943 is perfect for mains leads for hifi applications due to the foil shield acting as a barrier to prevent RFI. The drain wire connects to the earth pin in the mains plug and is cut off at the other end, All the mains noise is then kept at the plug end not the equipment end.
3 x 14awg copper conductors with foil shield and active earth screening. Sold by the metre off the reel. You will receive 1 continuous length, example order 6 receive 1 x 6 metre length.

Belden 19364 Audio Grade Mains Cable 5 Metre Length

  • Worlds No.1 DIY Cable
  • Active Earth Screen
  • Beldfoil insulation
  • 5 metre continuous piece

Belden 19364 Audio-Grade Mains Cable sold per metre for DIY

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  • The No. 1 DIY mains power cable
  • Priced Per Metre