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Jaco Pastorius – Truth, Liberty & Soul 2xHD 200g 45 RPM 3LP Audiophile Vinyl

There have been many guitar gods, but there’s never been an electric bassist as deified as Jaco Pastorius. – Michael J. Agovino
This live album by Jaco Pastorius and the Word-of-Mouth Big Band, featuring harmonica virtuoso Toots Thielemans as special guest, was recorded in analog 24 tracks by the Record Plant mobile truck at Avery Fisher Hall in NYC on June 27, 1982, as part of George Wein’s Kool Jazz Festival. This Deluxe 45rpm 200g edition is the first one to be mastered from the original 2 track master tapes that were found some 30 years later (the previous digital download versions were released from a digital remix of the 24 tracks). What we have here is the direct copy of the original pure analogue 2 track mix

Jaco Pastorius Modern American Music… Period! The Criteria Sessions – Omnivore Recordings 2014 Version Red Vinyl

Jaco’s historic 1974 demo sessions on Red multi-colored vinyl!
This material was unearthed and restored in conjunction with the upcoming documentary, Jaco, the official Record Store Day film for 2014. While these tracks, recorded at the beginning of Pastorius’ incredible career, may be from the past, they, like all of Jaco’s music, transcend time and space.