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Audio Origami – AMPodium Amplifier Isolation Platform

The AMPodium by Audio Origami is a high-end isolation platform for amplifiers that protects the signal from ground-based resonance
Crafted from thick, rigid perspex and combined with highly effective isolation pillars, the AMPodium stops harmful vibrations degrading the audio signal.
Designed for large amplifiers and mono-blocks. the AMPodium provides a safe and stable platform that promotes cooling as well as excellent isolation.

Audio Origami – isoGlobes

Audio Origami isoGlobes provide excellent audio isolation at an affordable price.
Designed to sit underneath hi-fi electronics or plinths, the clever construction of the isoGlobes absorbs a high level of vibration that otherwise could enter your hi-fi equipment and alter playback.
Audio Origami isoGlobes are constructed from varying density 3D printed PLA+ caps, high-quality rubber o-rings and dense steel balls. The combination of these materials absorbs vibrations and decouples your components from your hi-fi rack.

Audio Origami – IsoPodium

The perfect isolation platform for audiophiles with high-performing source components.
Crafted from thick, rigid perspex and Audio Origami’s outstanding isoPods isolation feet, the isoPodium reduces vibrations reaching your turntable, DAC or CD Player.
The isoPodium looks superb, frees your source component from audible resonances and enhances your musical enjoyment by delivering purer playback.

Audio Origami – isoPods

Audio Origami isoPods are designed to provide a level of isolation previously unmatched in the high-end audio industry.
One of the most overlooked components of hi-fi equipment is the feet that each unit sits on. Most manufacturers glue a thin aluminium layer to a hard shore rubber base and screw them into the unit’s base. This solution is generally ineffective at stopping vibrations from leaking into the component.
Audio Origami isoPods are constructed from a blend of varying density 3D printed honeycomb premium-grade rubber layers and mild steel encapsulated in a sturdy housing and provide a level of isolation previously unachievable in the audio industry.

Audio Origami – SpikePods

The ultimate feet upgrade for Michell Gyro SE and Orbe SE turntable owners.
Audio Origami’s SpikePods for Michell turntables provide better isolation and noticeably enhanced playback on all Gyro SE and Orbe SE decks.
Made from combining Ailsa Craig granite (the densest granite ever discovered) with a specialised 3D honeycomb-printed spike, the SpikePods stop more vibrations than any other foot solution currently available for Michell turntables.
The package includes a solid granite motor plinth coupled to rubber grip feet, which reduces vibration reaching the motor and decreases wow and flutter considerably.