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Black Rhodium Libra SE MCRU Grounding Cable

If you have a system with minor hum or buzzing, often caused by a ground loop in your system or badly shielded cables, MCRU have available a special edition Black Rhodium Libra mains grounding cable. Simply plug in and connect to a grounding point on your phono stage or turntable, the cable will provide an extra grounding point for your system. Terminations are either spade, rca or zplug. Most phono amplifiers have a grounding post on the back panel which accepts a zplug.

MCRU Audiophile Grounding Cable

If you are suffering from hum or buzz in your system or just need a simple grounding cable we have available our standard design with spade connectors each end and a ferrite ring fitted to stop the cable acting as an aerial (RFI)
Standard length is 0.5 metres, longer lengths can be ordered using the drop down menu.