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Melco S10 Flagship Data Switch

The S10 is Melco’s flagship data switch and comprises a ‘head’ unit and a power unit, separating the sensitive data-carrying areas of the design from the power supply. The two-box approach echoes that of the N10/2 library, and offers the least compromise when it comes to ultimate sound quality. The S10’s head unit is based on a heavily upgraded S100 network switch, and benefits from a greatly improved power management section, better aluminium casework and a rigid-steel screened chassis. The rear panel connections include different-speed RJ45 Ethernet ports: 4x 100 MB and 4x 1 GB, plus 2x 1 GB SFP.

Melco S100 Entry Level Audiophile Data Switch

The second generation S100/2 data switch creates an ideal low-noise environment for networked music libraries to operate in, helping to deliver the best possible sound performance. Compared to an ordinary IT data switch, the S100/2 offers extraordinary architecture, with two 100 Mb RJ45 ports for the best audio quality and six 1 Gb ports for PC connectivity, and other high-traffic-flow devices, such as the Roon Core processor. The second generation S100/2 also gains an improved power circuit board with a carefully selected AC adapter.