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Black Rhodium Twist Speaker Cable

  • Speaker Cable Made in UK
  • Twisted to Combat RFI
  • 5 Star Reviewed
  • Sold off the reel in one length

Black Rhodium Twist Speaker Cable – MCRU Special Edition

Made using 2 runs of twist per conductor terminated with quality silver plated z-plugs. 2 metre stereo pair. Twist is the perfect cable for your first hi-fi music system. Its low cost does not prevent you from enjoying very high quality sound. Its special quality is the 1.2mm silicone rubber insulation, thicker than most other loudspeaker cables so as to reduce ‘Proximity Effect’ distortion due to the magnetic fields in each conductor affecting the current flow in the other. In addition, cores are twisted to reduce distortion effects from radio frequency interference. The result is clearer sound of a quality rarely experienced from its price.

Black Rhodium Twist Stereo Interconnects Offer

  • Special Offer
  • 1 metre stereo pairs
  • Boxed/new
  • Gold plated RCA plugs